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All you need to know about Colored contact lenses

Colored contact lenses are definitely a step in the right direction if you’re concerned about aesthetics. But, even if you get the best contact lenses Dubai has to offer but have only half-baked information, you may end up with a serious eye infection. 

Let’s dive deep into all the myths surround colored contacts and bust them. 

Myth 1: You can’t wear colored contacts if you have perfect vision

Just like eyewear can be worn by those with perfect vision, colored contacts are also available for those with 20/20 vision. You can wear them on a special occasion like an event or a party or Halloween. 

Myth 2: There is only one type of colored contacts

Wrong. There are in fact three kinds of colored contacts. 

• Visibility Tint - Since all lenses are clear, it can be a nightmare if you drop it and cannot find it. A little touch of blue or green is added to a lens just to help you during the whole process of insertion and removal. These colored contacts do not affect your eye color. 

• Enhancement Tint - These colored contacts merely enhance the natural look of your eye. These are perfect for people who really light colored eyes and want to add a pop of color. 

• Opaque Tint - These colored contacts can transform the color of your eye completely. 

You can experiment with enhancement and opaque tints to figure out which contact lenses suit your eyes. The Bella contact lenses line has a wonderful array of colored contacts that you can choose from. 

Myth 3: You can only choose from the colored contacts available in the market

You can actually get customized tints for your eyes by contacting lens manufacturers who specialize in these services. If you don’t like what’s available in the market or the Bella contact lenses collection, you can make your own tints. 

Myth 4: Colored contacts are only for cosmetic purposes

That is a half-truth. Even athletes opt for colored contacts to increase their visual performance. For instance, a tennis player can opt for colored contacts with a green tint to help them see the ball better. 

Myth 5: You will not face any vision obstruction 

While this is true if you opt for visibility and enhancement tints, the opaque tints are another story. The size of your pupils changes to accommodate for the amount of light present in a room, so if your pupils dilate it is possible that they can grow bigger than the size of the clear part in your opaque lenses causing slight issues with your vision. 

Myth 6: Colored contacts are not safe

Even if you purchase from the very best contact lenses Dubai stores have to offer, you may have a nagging doubt if they are indeed safe or not. Don’t worry. Colored contact lenses are absolutely safe when prescribed and fitted by a doctor. Make sure to follow the after-care instructions to a T to prevent any infections or irritation from occurring. 

Myth 7: Colored contacts are safe to swap if they are zero-power

No. While you can definitely do that with glasses, colored contact lenses are still medical devices and it is not safe to swap them with friends even if you’re wearing them purely for cosmetic reasons. You can develop a serious, life-threatening infection if you do so. 

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