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Why choose to gamble?

The internet is available for everyone but the same cannot be said about gambling. Although now there is such a thing as an online casino, still not everyone is permitted to play. Aside from the obvious, that only those of legal age can play in both actual and online casinos, some countries also have strict regulations if not totally prohibits engaging in online casinos.

In countries like the UAE, gambling is strictly against their religion. According to the Quran wealth can only be obtained through hard work. Also any form of addiction is prohibited and we all know how engaging gambling can get. So typically you would not find casinos even in the big touristy cities like Dubai, well not of the legal sort that is. Both the player and the provider can get penalized if caught.

Since the country is one of the richest in the world it is safe to say that the police force is aptly equipped in implementing these rules.

In contrast to the previous statement, humans are innovative by nature we would always find loopholes in every possible situation. People from Dubai are no exemption, they too still manage to play online casinos using proxy servers or VPN sites.

Most of the best online slot games have free trials that require no starting deposits and since there would be no money involved it cannot be considered gambling, therefore can serve as a grey area which can be somehow deemed not in total violation of the said law.

However, the choice to gamble is always up to the person involved. It would always be of your own volition which goes without saying that you are aware of all the consequences such decision would entail. Gambling itself in the general sense is already a risk.

But why would people still choose to gamble in spite the risks? Simple. Because human as we are, we are always in the constant pursuit of a thrill. Living a life without taking risks is not living at all. As cliché as that may sound it does hold some truth to it. There is a certain kind of satisfaction we get from the uncertainty. That is why we like playing with the odds. And of course there is greater sense of victory that only an unpredictable triumph can offer.

Winning in a game of chance gives us sense of self-importance. It gives you the feeling that you are the chosen one. That is why when we try our luck we always hope to win, along with the monetary winnings come the ego boost. And whether we admit it or not everybody wants to feel that way if not always at least once in a while. And that is why no matter how many rules are put up against it, gambling is still a thriving industry.

Lastly, although the human need for satisfaction is very understandable. Do bear in mind that everything in this world requires moderation. Especially in gambling where it is very easy to get hooked. Always set a guideline for yourself to follow. And always stick to those boundaries. Because remember the moment it stops being fun is the moment it becomes a problem rather than a solution.

If you do choose to gamble remember to have fun and play wisely.

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