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Promote Your Online Store on Social Media

If you are the owner of an E-Commerce business, then you need to market your brand to get your name out there. One of the mediums to market your website is through different social media platforms. Marketing on social media can vastly boost your brand awareness. It’s free to setup a profile on social media platforms but it takes time and effort to gain customers through it. But it will be worth it. Many companies have successfully pulled off social media campaigns. Mothercare introduced a new hashtag “#BodyProudMums” that was related to a sensitive topic but a hashtag that was quite intimate to mothers all around the world. This hashtag generated over 1000 posts.

Charmin posts tweets that are funny and quirky. They initiated small sized hashtag campaigns. And these hashtags were relevant to the company accompanied by humor. This improved customer engagement. 

Starbucks released a drink that almost every millennial would love. The photo was released on Instagram, with a hashtag unique to the drink. What got attention was the fact that, this drink was available only for a week. 

Blenders Eyewear took full advantage of Facebook ads. They included customers in their marketing campaign. Below, their advertisements they mentioned customer reviews and comments. 

ASOS also successfully pulled off a social media campaign by allowing their customers to be a part of it. They asked their customers to upload images of themselves in ASOS outfits along with the hashtag “#AsSeenOnMe” after which, these images were uploaded onto their website’s gallery. It massively increased customer engagement. 

These are just a few of the many successful social media campaigns. Moving on, let’s look at a few tips and takeaways from these examples:


When it comes social media, hashtags are kings. It is a necessity. There are two types of hashtags, hashtags that are popular and hashtags that are unique, catchy and relevant to your brand. Do not include too many hashtags. Users will find it annoying and spammy.


Interact and engage with your customers as much as possible. Ask your audience questions and reply to comments. Thank your customers in the comment section whenever possible. Form groups and forums for your customers to discuss different topics and share their ideas. Doing all this forms a connection and shows that you truly care about them. 


Upload images, videos or any sort of content on a regular basis. This tells your customers that you’re interested in sharing the latest content and keeping them up to date. Consistency improves customer engagement and boosts traffic to your E-Commerce website. 


When promoting your services or products, use minimal text. It goes without saying, images and videos are much more appealing than text. Try making your product look as pretty as possible in pictures. This motivates customers to share theses images on their social media accounts and naturally this brings in more traffic, that too, for free. 


Post images of customers using your product along with a unique hashtag. Share customer reviews and comments. It makes them feel special, and most likely they will share your post on their accounts. So, user generated content is essential and will boost your website traffic. 


Use live videos to interact with your customers and show that you’re not just another company trying to promote products and interested in only gaining profit. Fun videos, events, and behind the scenes can be broadcasted using live video. This also increases customer engagement. 

If you the above points aren’t convincing enough, then here are some interesting facts. 

-75% of users say that they make use of social media as part of the purchasing process. 

-95% of users, ages between 18-34 are most likely to follow a brand using social media. 

-55% of users make a purchase after the discovery of a brand on social media. 

So, social media is extremely vital to a business and can definitely boost traffic and sales. 

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