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Gambling Using Your Smartphone

When visiting Dubai and other locations within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it’s important to understand the rules regarding gambling. As part of a country that follows Islamic Law, Dubai does not permit gambling as it is strictly against the law. This means you won’t find any casinos during your holiday in Dubai. 


In fact, there won’t be any gambling options in Dubai, with it being almost impossible to bet on sports games, lotteries, or other popular forms of gambling. 

Horse and camel racing events are popular in the region, although betting on these is still illegal from Dubai, with the only way to bet on these events is through an international gambling website outside of the UEA. 

This means you won’t find any casinos in Dubai or any other brick and motor location that can take bets for sports games and other forms of gambling. The police strictly enforce these rules, so even if there is an illegal betting location in Dubai you should never take the risk, as the punishment will be severe

Gambling with Your Smartphone in Dubai 

As mentioned, gambling is illegal in any physical location in Dubai, yet there is some flexibility for people visiting the country. All you need a is smartphone and you can gamble during your stay in the country. 

This is because it’s possible to gamble in Dubai using a foreign gambling website or online casino. These sites won’t be based in Dubai and you may not even need to use a VPN or proxy, as the legal restrictions aren’t as strict when it comes to online gambling. 

Given the huge economic role tourism plays in Dubai and the UAE, the country is somewhat accepting of visitors using their phones to gamble, although it’s still viewed negatively by the local culture - providing you aren’t obnoxiously gambling on your smartphone in public you should be okay. 

Because these gambling websites are based in foreign countries there is rarely any attempt to stop people from gambling online, espiecally if you’re a tourist. Again, providing you keep your gambling to your own privacy it should be okay to use your smartphone to play casino games or bet on sports. 

Choose a Reputable Site 

Not all foreign gambling sites will accept players from Dubai, which is why its important to choose a reputable website that will accept players from the area. The alternative is to hide your location using a VPN, although you may not need to do this is there are many reputable gambling sites that accept players based in Dubai. 

Simply sign up for an account with one of these foreign-based sites on your smartphone and you can start gambling in Dubai. None of the websites will be based in the country as these are strictly banned but there is nothing stopping you from using a website from a different country via your smartphone. 

You can even take advantage of the many sign up bonuses offered to new members on these sites, which is a common tactic to get you to join. If you already want to do a spot of gambling using your smartphone, see which site offers the best bonuses for singing up and placing your first bet! 

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