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4 Visual Solutions For Your Exhibition Stand Design For Expo 2020 In Dubai

4 Visual Solutions For Your Exhibition Stand Design For Expo 2020 In Dubai

Next year, one of the biggest and most prestigious international exhibitions is happening in Dubai. It aims to showcase the achievements of various nations in different aspects of society, such as trade and relations, education, and tourism.

190 countries confirm participation in the Expo 2020 in Dubai. It’s a great place to network and promote your company. If you’re a chosen commercial partner in your country, creating an extraordinary visual design for your exhibition stand is a must.

Here are four visual solutions for your exhibition stand design:

Theme Selection

A great expo booth design starts with a great theme. In the Expo 2020, there will be three sub-themes: opportunity, mobility, and sustainability. Note that whichever theme your business is categorized under, you will have to adhere to the overall design theme that the Expo facilitators have come up. Most expo participants work with professional marketers to create a stunning design, from conception to creation. Whatever theme you choose, keep in mind its relevance to the Expo’s theme, the country you represent, and the global impact your organization or company aims to create.

Design Materials for the Stand

When selecting materials for your stand, use a combination of technology and “real world” materials to create a design that stands out. For example, wood pieces add a warm, welcoming authenticity to your stand while digital graphics on display screens are effective for capturing the attention of the people and conveying your message. Adding physical elements such as shelves or racks, a table and a few comfortable chairs for entertaining expo visitors, and some decorative pieces.

Needed Accessories

Accessories are an important aspect of the overall design of your exhibition stand. Meanwhile, a few decorative pieces such as artisan crafts that blend well with the overall color and theme of your stand can create magic. Investing a little more in design can greatly contribute to your success in the Expo 2020. You can buy accessories from KnotHome decor Dubai online shop.


Effective exhibit lighting can draw attention to the unique parts of your booth and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Backlighting is an effective technique for expos. Make sure to provide consistent backlighting that does not interfere with the overall presentation of your stand. Install LED lights around graphics and add lighting touches from the top of your exhibit to eye-level. Examples would be the use of a backlit logo, a hanging sign, or a custom edge lighting around your booth’s perimeter.

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