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How to Buy a Refurbished Phone in Dubai

When you need a handset upgrade or replacement, you don’t have to limit your options to the latest, most expensive brand-new mobile phone models. You can own the smartphone you set your sights on at a lower price when you get their refurbished versions.

Refurbished iPhones and other handsets are devices that were previously sold as new. However, they were returned to the manufacturer by a store, reseller, or customer. The manufacturer will then fix any issues (if there are any), repackage the items, and resell them.

These refurbished or reconditioned smartphones are then sold at a lower price, thus making them more appealing to interested buyers.

Shopping for Refurbished Phones in Dubai

Refurbished phones are eco-friendly and sustainable products since they are given new life rather than thrown away as waste. They also give people the chance to own top-of-the line handsets at lower costs. Both reasons make them popular options among consumers today.

Dubai, for one, has such a steady demand for reconditioned smartphones that you will find numerous shops selling such products both online and in brick-and-mortar stores in the city.

If you are shopping for your first refurbished phone in Dubai, take note of the following tips to be sure you will get a good device and avoid potential issues and inconveniences after buying it:

1.Find a trustworthy retailer

When shopping for your first refurbished phone, you may gravitate towards a shop with a wide range of products to pick from. Although there is nothing wrong with this, you still need to do some extra work to be sure that you will find a device that won’t give you headaches.

To find a reputable shop that sells refurbished phones, go online and search for top-rated retailers. Aside from checking the customers’ ratings of these stores, read their reviews as well.

This simple process will take you a step closer to owning a refurbished phone you will love.

Also, find a retailer that offers live customer service and user-friendly purchase and return policies. Check if their website has one or two phone numbers, their address, and reviews from their customers. These are signs that the shop is reputable and worth buying a device from.

2.Make sure you buy a refurbished phone

For gadgets, the term refurbished is often used interchangeably with reconditioned, recertified, pre-owned, and even used. When buying a device, make sure that you are getting a refurbished smartphone.

This is because a refurbished device is more reliable and better suited for repeat use since it is reconditioned and possibly even upgraded by the manufacturer or a certified refurbisher. It also usually comes with a warranty, which means you can get help with repairs or part replacements for certain issues that your phone may develop.

3.Narrow down your options to models released in the last two to three years

When shopping for a refurbished phone, you will find that older gadgets are more budget-friendly. If you are not interested in the latest handsets and simply want to replace your current one, getting an earlier model is something you can consider.

However, limit your options to refurbished models released within the last three years. Older handsets may not be able to run the latest versions of their operating system (Android or iOS), thus making them quite useless.

A lot of older phones tend to develop battery problems faster as well, unless they received a replacement battery before they were sold.

If you want to have a smartphone that you will love using for as long as possible, try to get a refurbished model that is one or two years old.

4.Read the fine print on the warranty and return policy

Once you’ve found a reputable shop and the right handset, request a copy of the warranty and their policy on returning products. Read and understand each line on these documents.

Pay attention to the details involving the protection and return or exchange of devices. The policy should offer a six-month warranty and a 30-day return policy, at the very least.

If you do not understand certain conditions, you can always ask the retailer to explain or clarify these for you. But if you think their policies are not customer-friendly, it is best to look for another shop.

5.Check the handset and other contents of the box

Whether you will buy the phone from a shop at the mall or an online store, once you get hold of the device and its box, check all the items carefully.

Start by inspecting the handset. Be on the lookout for signs of damage that will make using the device challenging. These can include scuffs on the camera lens. 

Additionally, check the mobile accessories that come with the device. The box should have the same items that brand-new handsets come with, such as a charger, earphones, user manual, etc.

Make sure the device and accessories are working properly as well. If you bought the phone from an online store, return everything immediately if there is something wrong with the handset or if there is an accessory missing.

Mobile phones are must-have gadgets today. You can own one without breaking the bank by getting a refurbished smartphone. And to get more from your device, follow the tips above to ensure you will have a gadget you won’t regret buying.


Mirza Saqib Habib is the Business Manager at Dubai-based Teckzu, the perfect one-stop-shop to discover, browse, and buy new and refurbished electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and accessories. Mirza comes from a strong E-commerce background with over 6 years of regional experience. He has helped kick-start many startups in the past and is passionate about using technology to facilitate a seamless digital user experience.

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