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Dubai Metro Station Interior Design

The Rail Agency from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has unveiled the interior designs of the Dubai Metro stations, which will be a unique blend of modern and traditional influences. Unique shell-shaped roofs invoking the pearl diving heritage of the region will be the highlight of the Dubai Metro stations. “Pearl diving is an ancient craft that requires skill and bravery; it brought early prosperity and is an integral part of Dubai’s history,” explained Engineer Abdulredha Abu Hassan, Director of Planning and Design Department, Rail Agency.

There are two categories of Dubai Metro stations – Underground and Elevated. The ten underground stations are positioned in the central area of Dubai while the 37 others are elevated. “The interiors of the stations are uniquely designed in respect of their historical background and adopt a design theme based on one of the four elements of nature: water, air, fire and earth. There will be a total of 12 Earth themed stations, 13 Water theme stations, 11 Air themed stations and 11 Fire themed stations,” added Abu Al Hassan.

THREE TYPES OF STATIONS The elevated stations are of three types – Type 1, 2 and 3 – the variations a result of physical land conditions and other operational requirements. The design aims to maintain visual connections with the outside environment, which is achieved through roof skylights or glass wall cladding that creates a visual link to the external perspectives as passengers move through the station.

The Type 2 stations are supported on columns as both the concourse and platform are elevated. They are located along busy highways and can be accessed from both sides of the road through ground level entrances which take passengers up to a footbridge, across the roads and into unpaid concourse areas.

The Type 3 stations have an extra track for future line extensions and other operational functions.

SAFE AND CONVENIENT The key objective of the unique architecture of the stations is to provide safety and security to the public. Marked by clear and simple planning to ensure minimal travel distances for the commuters, the station entrances are integrated with other modes of transportation, pedestrian connectivity and the surrounding context including provision for future development.

The circulation will be direct and visible without reliance on excessive signage. The spaces within the stations will be uncluttered and free from obstructions wherever possible to ensure visual connection between floors.

They will also be equipped with facilities for people with special needs, mothers with baby prams and shoppers with luggage.

“International standards have been adopted to ensure that people with special needs can travel independently and with ease within the Dubai Metro stations,” said Abu Al Hassan. Information to the public will be provided in both audio and visual modes and tactile guidance paths are specially laid to guide visually impaired people. The elevators will have sufficient space for wheel chair manoeuvring. There will also be special need toilets and trained customer service staff to meet the needs of passengers.

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