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Is Your Business Mobile?

With over 25 billion mobile apps downloaded from the Apple App Store, the world is going mobile.

Gone are the days when businesses had to rely on print, TV or even direct emails to promote their products and services.

Mobile Apps are a revolution in marketing and communication. Today’s business owners are looking for the edge over their competitors and apps allow them to achieve just that. Mobile apps allow for the most effective form of communication that currently exists - as it is both time and cost effective.

Studies show that, ‘Push notifications’ from mobile apps get read 91% of the time, in comparison to the 4-10% of people who read emails. There’s also been an exponential rise in feature phone and smart phone usage. So, intelligent business owners are reaching out to their target market through the medium that is working – mobile apps for businesses.

Even in the Middle East, more and more businesses are using mobile apps to connect with their customers and establish healthy relationships by sharing relevant news about their company, products and services. Mobile apps enable business owners and marketers to offer great deals, accept reservations and boost not only communication directly with their customers and target market, but also grow their business for the long term.

It is no secret that Mobile Apps will drive the future of the internet. Juniper Research predicts that revenue from mobile search and discovery will skyrocket to $15 billion by 2017.

As a marketer or business owner, you need to start thinking about how mobile apps can fit into your current and future marketing equation, whether it is by advertising on them, building them for your brand, or both. Organisations are moving beyond social media and going mobile because the added connectivity doesn’t just bring in consumers, it brings in cash.

It is high time that you ensure that your business goes mobile!

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