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Global IP traffic is expected to exponentially multiply to 'zettabyte threshold' by 2015

With the proliferation of millions of networked devices, and the popularity of Internet video streaming through billions of handheld devices, the future of the web will go beyond terabytes and petabytes. It will be in the domain of zettabytes which is explained in the graphic below.

The question then arises. How will the bandwidth of internet cope with this increase in demand and what will be the delivery channels?

A German physicist Harald Haas, has come up with a wireless Internet solution to send data through an LED light bulb fluctuating in intensity faster than the human eye can detect. The invention, dubbed D-Light, takes the fiber out of fiber optics and can send data faster than 10 megabits per second, faster than the average broadband connection, simply by altering the frequency of the ambient light in the room.

Traffic jams may become a thing of the past and internet would be on the tap when you switch on your light! By 2015.

Since seeing is believing, watch this video with your thinking caps on.

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