Mobile Marketing Is Here To Stay

Mobile Marketing Is Here To Stay

Mobile marketing is an excellent way for you to connect to your intended audience in both, an effective and cost-effective way.

 Mobile Marketing Is Here To Stay

Here are some distinct benefits:

Immediacy - Mobile campaigns are relatively easy to create and execute, with messages being delivered to recipients in a matter of seconds.
Reach - Delivery of apps to supported mobile phones is almost guaranteed, which for example, is not the case with email.
Mobility - Customers can receive apps to their mobile devices anytime and anywhere via SMS messages with links to download or via Bluetooth pods.
Affordability - The cost of sending SMS messages is very comparable to that of email broadcasting rates.  Prices drop as volumes increase.
Personalization - Personalized content is targeted to individuals who have opted to receive them.
Cross-medium form of marketing - The mobile channel is highly complementary to press, radio and TV advertising.

Mobile Marketing gives you:

  • The ability to create outstanding and cost-effective promotion campaigns even on short notice
  • The ability to reach a wider audience and expand market share tremendously without any additional effort or cost
  • The ability to build better and longer-lasting customer relationships
  • The ability to retain existing customers while enticing new customers
  • The ability to penetrate the mobile phone market and build brand awareness without having to spend a fortune on huge ad campaigns
  • The ability to reach out to customers on the go and create a highly effective two-way communication
  • The ability to integrate new, innovative forms of advertising and promotion with existing strategies without the need for large capital expenditures

Mobile Marketing Benefits:

  • Mobile marketing is easy to set up and manage even without any technical knowledge
  • It provides a casual and interactive platform for communication between businesses and their customers
  • Delivery of messages is fast and controllable
  • Response times are equally fast and are typically within 24 hours
  • Mobile marketing is cost effective, convenient to use, and reaches out to a large, growing market segment
  • It provides a means to set up profile groups and target specific groups
  • Mobile marketing can be easily incorporated with current promotion strategies
  • There is a lot of potential for intermixing with several other media platforms.

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