SELLSUMERS - If saving is the new spending, then selling is the new saving

The recession has given birth to a new breed of entrepreneurs, termed as Sellsumers. Because of the liquidity crunch in the market, it is common for people to latch on to their savings. The paradox is that because of so many lay-offs globally, people cannot save if they can’t earn.

Necessity is the mother of invention and so cash strapped consumers are cashing in on their unutilized assets in novels ways that boggle the mind. Whether it’s selling their insights to corporations, hawking their creative output to fellow consumers, or renting out unused assets, consumers can increasingly become SELLSUMERS, too.

Here are a few unique niche based online businesses ideas that have launched within the last few months: connects those who have parking spots to rent out with those who need them on a monthly basis. The Toronto-based company lets spot-holders in the US and Canada list their off-street parking spots, along with the price they want to charge., operating in the UK, Ireland, Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand and The Netherlands allows car owners to pre-book a spot online. offers listings for excess storage space, collecting fees for featured listings and for providing custom lease agreements. helps the members of the community lease their unutilized room/attic/garage as warehousing facility to people who are looking for storage options. offers a P2P camping solution by connecting anyone who owns a suitably sized piece of land with anyone looking for a place to pitch their tent. is an online marketplace that allows locals to earn money by renting out their extra space as alternative lodging for hotel-weary travelers. is a service that allows users to exchange their unwanted gift cards. Consumers create an account and provide details of the card they have and will indicate the redemption value it's willing to pay. Consumers can then elect either to receive cash via PayPal, or they can select a new gift card from the site, up to the redemption value of their original card.

Finally, this one takes the cake. sells just that!

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