iWorld by Sharad Agarwal

So You Think You Are Tech Savvy?

Here are some vogue words created by individuals who fly the nerd bird.

Next time you are puzzled and a bit lost when your teenage offspring sprouts jargon that you thought had a literal meaning, you can smile because what you are going to read will put you in the driver’s seat, not literally!

Drum Driving
While you are driving and listening to music, you bang on the steering wheel as if it were a drum set.

Brain Bucket
A motorcycle helmet.

Soap Grafting
The act of attaching an almost completely used piece of soap to a new, unused piece because it is now too small to be conveniently used but you also don't want to waste it.

The term for the room in an urban apartment in which the bathroom is located in the kitchen.

iPad Nano
A no brainer. A smaller version of the new Apple iPad!

The Long Tail
The niche strategy of selling a large number of unique items in relatively small quantities.

Facebook Bingo
On Facebook, this term refers to a posted photo that features five or more people, all of whom have Facebook profiles and are accurately tagged.

Air Guitar
If you are listening to a really sweet guitar solo and you have no real guitar to emulate the action of rocking, pick up your hands, put them in position, and rock and roll all night.

Directionally Challenged
Someone who has difficulty determining right from left and vice versa.

Tree Book
A book printed on dead trees, i.e. paper, as opposed to an e-book, which only exists electronically.

Stealth Call
When you have to call someone back but don't want to talk to them, so you wait until you know they can't talk and leave a voice mail.

Stoplight Party
A party where guests wear the the colors of the traffic signal to denote their relationship status: green means they're single, red means they're taken and yellow means their relationship status is ‘complicated’.

Where people go to avoid a future addiction.

Pi Time
The time of the day where a digital clock reads 3:14.

Nerd Bird
An airliner that flies between two high-tech cities. Eg. Bangalore to Hyderabad.

Pen You In
A play on the phrase "pencil you in" but adds additional emphasis on the intention of the commitment.

BBF – Best Behavior Friend
A friend whom you have very little in common with and you act on your best behavior when you're with.

Stealth Abs
When your ripped six pack is covered by a thick layer of fat.

Verbal Handcuffs
When someone won't stop talking (usually about a subject you have no interest in).

The combination of understanding and agreement.

So, did you understandment this piece?
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