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Online Shopping for Holiday Season

Google's ThinkHoliday

Google's ThinkHoliday 2010 survey results reveal:

"Early shopper gets the gifts" - shoppers are researching and purchasing earlier than ever
"The connected consumer" - desktops and smartphone are integral to the purchase process of today's shopper
"New, hot products" - fastest rising search terms reveal shoppers' interests
51% of shoppers - research products online and then buy in-store
80% of smartphone users - likely to use apps

With Christmas and 2011 around the corner, now is a good time to fine tune your ecommerce web site to perfection. Here are a few suggestions:

Test your website with major web browsers

Ensure that your site performs just the same in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Monitor your internal search queries

Keeping an eye on what customers are searching for on your site helps you position your product mix.

Display your security badge

Ensure your checkout page and payment gateway is fully secure and you display the security logo prominently.

Make your returns and exchange policies clear and visible

Make it obvious that registering in order to checkout is mandatory.

Provide order status tracking facility

Customers shouldn't have to hunt around to find the status of their order.

Clearly define shipping times and options

Have a list of shipping options and last date to order to arrive by Christmas/New Year

Optimise your site graphics and source code to make it fast to download

Online shoppers do not like to wait. Completion is only a click away!

Use up-sell and cross-sell to push higher profit items

Get them in the door with great deals, and then offer them up-sell products that not only complement their purchase, but pad your bottom line as well!

Avoid excessive use of Flash

Mobile shoppers using an iPhone or iPad are on the rise thanks to Steve Jobs.

Invest in developing a customized iPhone App

Remember, 80% of smartphone users are likely to use apps

Contact information should be easy to find

An 800 number is a good idea.

Monitor Twitter trends and use Twitter search to keep up with the latest info

Social networks should be part of your e-marketing strategy

Last Minute Shopping Guide

Make it easy for last minute shoppers to find a gift on your site. "Gifts for her/him", "Gifts under $100″, are great ways to help customers decide on a gift.

May I recommend the ultimate online shopping site to you?


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