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A Unique 5-Star Housekeeping Service For Discerning Clients
(25 September 2011)

Finally in the UAE, a 5-star housekeeping service has been launched for discerning clients and available to everyone, not just those staying in high-class hotels.

British expatriate Denise McGinty, who has been living and running her own businesses in Dubai for the past 13 years, has set up a professional housekeeping service aimed at service-oriented clients, who are looking for a personal, tailor-made service to fit in with their busy or executive lifestyles.

The Housekeeping Co. is the UAE’s first premier residential and commercial service providing full household management. Denise says: “I felt it was about time a real housekeeping service was made available; one where housekeepers are professionally trained and supervised. The daily management and maintenance of a home or office requires the attention of an educated and trained housekeeper. I personally meet with each new client and establish their particular needs; some want a simple, discreet house cleaning service, others need their homes run and managed by one of our more experienced Housekeepers.”

Elite Standards & Personal Service
Denise provides the vision that permeates the company’s culture; “Our aim is to provide the UAE with a housekeeping service similar to that which can be found in five-star hotels; professional, discreet and orderly, which is above and beyond a standard maid service, and encompasses a personalized household management approach.”

In addition to professional residential and commercial cleaning, the company’s services extend to undertake the complete management of a house, tailored to the various household and lifestyle needs of different clients and cultures, who each have their own unique requirements over and above a standard cleaning service. From the initial consultation with the General Manager herself, where the client’s needs are discussed and ascertained, the company assigns a professional housekeeper with the skills and background most suited to the client’s requirements.

Denise explains, “We pride ourselves on our professionalism and integrity and our clients appreciate our very personal and superior service. The fact that we insist they have the same housekeeper at all times helps to build trust and adds to the integrity of our client relations.”

From the meticulous cleaning of the international executive’s office to managing households and leaving them in a first-class condition, The Housekeeping Co. leaves no detail unattended to. Indeed, Housekeepers will go the extra mile and accommodate any housekeeping need such as organizing wardrobes, packing and unpacking for trips and table or festive decoration – creating order and serenity for discerning clients, and a complete sanctuary to retreat to at the end of their busy days.

For further information on the Housekeeping Co. visit or contact
Denise McGinty directly at: or by calling 050-558 8095.

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