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Dubai Healthcare City Organizes An Exchange Program With Macao To Advance Cam Specialties
(19 May 2019)

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), in partnership with the Guangdong-Macau Traditional Chinese Medicine and Technology Industrial Park (GMTCM), organized today an exchange program to raise awareness of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and support the specialty in the free zone. The ‘2019 Dubai – Macao TCM Exchange Program’ – supported by the DHCC-based CAM facility, Beijing Tong Ren Tang – comprised an exhibition showcasing CAM specialties and an accredited seminar on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The program comes on the back of an agreement signed between Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA), the governing body of DHCC, and GMTCM in September last year to exchange knowledge and expertise in order to advance the field of CAM in the free zone.  

Representatives from the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People’s Republic of China, the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Dubai, GMTCM, and DHCA participated in the event. More than 150 healthcare professionals and patients attended the program.   

Imran Sheikh, Chief Investment Officer, DHCA, said, “Our partnership with GMTCM will further cement the ongoing cooperation between the UAE and China. This Program, a platform for knowledge and cultural exchange in healthcare between the two countries, will help advance CAM expertise, specifically in Traditional Chinese Medicine, within our free zone and beyond.”  

China is the UAE’s biggest trading partner, with UAE-China bilateral trade exceeding $53.3bn in 2017, and plans to grow this to more than $70bn by 2020.

Lu Hong, Advisor at the Office of the Secretary for Economy and Finance of the Macao Special Administrative Region, and President and CEO of GMTCM Park, said “TCM is one of the emerging industries in Macao that promotes moderate and diversified economic development. The Macao SAR government attaches great importance to the industrialization and internationalization of TCM. As an important carrier and platform of the development of the TCM industry in Macao, GMTCM Park’s focus on the two core targets of building an international-level TCM quality control base and international healthcare industry exchange platform”.  

GMTCM Park is the first project jointly developed by the governments of Guangdong Province and Macao to promote the traditional Chinese medicine industry globally.

Tan Li, Acting Consul General, Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China, said “Traditional Chinese Medicine has been receiving extensive attention and rapid development in Dubai, which include dozens of organizations engaged in TCM business at present. GMTCM Park has created favorable conditions for the development of Macao's enterprises, promoted the industrialization and modernization of TCM, and brought TCM to the world,”. 

At a seminar designed for healthcare professionals, experts in the TCM field discussed three topics: A Brief Introduction about using Technology and Data in Clinic operation of Traditional Chinese Medicine’ presented by Cai Jun, Director of Administration, TCM Shanghai Chinese Medical Center in Dubai. Dr. Yang Yang, from the Chinese Medical Center and Physical Health and Healing Center in DHCC, shared insights on herbal medication and TCM practices in Dubai; and Professor Mo Hui, Vice Dean of University Hospital in Macau, examined diagnosis and treatment of obesity in TCM.  

DHCC recognizes eight specialties of CAM and there are currently 21 clinical facilities and more than 50 professionals offering CAM services within the free zone.  The CAM exhibition showcased four DHCC-based CAM specialties – chiropractic, ayurveda, homeopathy and osteopathy.

Wang Xiaoping, Director General of Department of International Cooperation of National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People's Republic of China, said, “The cooperation between Macao and Dubai has a great potential and strength. We believe that under the joint promotion between GMTCM Park and Dubai Healthcare City, the development of TCM in the Middle East will have a prosperous future, which will also help promote the recognition and application of TCM to the world.” 

During the exhibition, DHCC-based professionals, supported by TCM masters from China, offered complimentary consultations for more than 50 people.

Wei Deyuan, Managing Director and Co – Founder of Beijing Tong Ren Tang Gulf, said “The therapeutic advantages of Chinese medicine in treating many of the common diseases in the Middle East including neck and shoulder pain, menstrual irregularities, infertility, diabetes, obesity, strokes and depression are evident. Therefore, it can be said that the potential of Chinese medicine in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East is extremely broad,”.  

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