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Real estate is the leading force driving Dubai’s economy
(27 June 2019)

When it comes to considering real estate and its impact on countries and regions around the world, many people would agree that it is at least partially responsible for the economic growth of whichever area is in question. In Dubai, however, real estate is the leading force driving the economy onward and upward. The real estate industry in the city has always been a key source of remarkable contribution to the economy here, and it only continues to prove even more so as time goes on.
While some people would say that it is somewhat difficult to nail down exactly what it is about the real estate market that has such an astronomically significant overall impact on Dubai’s economy, all it takes is a little bit of research to form a stronger general awareness and even in-depth understanding of it all. Property developers and real estate agents are largely responsible for the success of the emirate’s booming real estate sector, and that is where the magic first comes from.
The important role Dubai real estate plays in lifting Dubai’s economy
The city’s real estate industry plays a significant role in emboldening the stature and economy of the desert paradise even more. With iconic structures like Burj Khalifa, The Atlantis, and many others, the skyscrapers and real estate gold that make up the Middle Eastern city’s skyline are not only iconic, but a mark of a metropolis that refuses to stop evolving. Important today, it is highly likely that real estate is only going to continue becoming more and more of a solid contributor to the economy here in Dubai.
The perfect place to invest in global real estate
Some of the best real estate investments in Dubai also happen to be some of the best value, and most lucrative real estate investments in all the world. Prime residential properties in the Middle Eastern city cost (on average) $625 USD per square foot. The same type of surface area in Hong Kong sets the average buyer back anywhere around $4,251. For the quality of life and general atmosphere that you get living in Dubai, this is honestly truly the most incredible value.
Investing in a slice of desert paradise to call your own
Making the decision to invest in real estate is always a case of long-winded considerations and exciting moments of give and take, and this is perhaps nowhere else in the world truer than it is here in the jewel of the Middle East. In Dubai, real estate prices are made that much sweeter when you realise exactly where you are. There is something truly magical about this futuristic paradise set amidst the golden sands of the Middle Eastern desert, and it is not hard to know what that is – rather, it is hard to decide on just one reason why that is. Dubai is special for many reasons, but its real estate value is arguably one of the most profitable and prominent reasons of all.


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