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Healthcare News Wired by WebMD

FAQ: Hormonal Therapy for Menopause (31 Mar 2015)
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for menopause is hotly debated. Is it safe? Experts answer common questions.

Undoing Autism One Toy at a Time (31 Mar 2015)
There's a growing movement in medicine: a push to find and treat children at risk for autism at younger and younger ages -- even in the womb -- in the hope that their social and emotional development can be boosted to normal or near-normal levels.

Do you know the hidden symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis? (31 Mar 2015)
WebMD explains what many people dont understand about rheumatoid arthritis. Learn what to expect and get helpful tips, whether youre newly diagnosed or you're close to someone with RA.

Clues to 'Brain Fog' in Chronic Fatigue Patients Found in Spinal Fluid (31 Mar 2015)
Study reveals evidence that it's 'not made up,' researcher says

Migraine or Sinus Headache: What's the Difference (31 Mar 2015)
WebMD talks to headache experts about the difference between migraines and sinus headaches.

E-Cigs Tied to Drinking, Other Risky Teen Behaviors (31 Mar 2015)
Strong relationship to alcohol use, study finds

Letting Kids Sip Alcohol May 'Send Wrong Message' (31 Mar 2015)
Study suggests it might make booze more appealing to children

New Research Tightens Childhood Paralysis-Enterovirus D68 Link (30 Mar 2015)
Lab tests confirm half of cases in recent outbreak tied to specific virus strain

Report Shows Progress in America's War on Cancer (30 Mar 2015)
Small, but steady declines in deaths seen over past decade

Breast Cancer Is Not One Disease, Experts Say (30 Mar 2015)
New focus on tumor subtypes could help patients, according to medical groups

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