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Healthcare News Wired by WebMD

Airborne Transmission of Ebola Highly Unlikely, Experts Say (23 Oct 2014)
No threat foreseen from public sniffles, coughs

'Exposure Therapy' May Relieve Prolonged Grief Disorder (23 Oct 2014)
Reliving the death of a loved one can help survivors, researchers say

Assured Brand Naproxen Sodium Tablets Recalled (23 Oct 2014)
Assured Brand Naproxen Sodium Tablets Recalled

Klain a Good Pick for Ebola Czar, Experts Say (23 Oct 2014)
President Barack Obama has taken heat for picking former White House aide Ronald Klain -- someone without any medical or public health credentials -- to coordinate the federal government's response to Ebola.

U.S. Ranks Last Among Wealthy Nations in Access to Health Care (22 Oct 2014)
Survey conducted prior to implementation of Affordable Care Act, however

Weight-Loss Surgery May Raise Risk of Severe Headaches, Scientists Report (22 Oct 2014)
But experts find the study too small, problem too rare to be of concern

Study Finds U.S. Diets Still Contain Too Many Bad Fats (22 Oct 2014)
Americans need fewer trans and saturated fats, and more omega-3 fatty acids

Taking a 'Selfie' May Help With Dermatology Care, Study Shows (22 Oct 2014)
Emailing pics of eczema lesions to physicians worked nearly as well as in-person visits, researchers say

Americans Show Distrust of Medical Profession in Survey (22 Oct 2014)
But many were happy with their own doctors, researchers report

Fertility Treatments Aren't Significantly Linked to Birth Defects (22 Oct 2014)
Expectant parents can be reassured by findings, researchers say

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