Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) announced that it would soon assume management & operation of Property Accident Claims services, following the official transfer of the System from Dubai Municipality. Accordingly, RTA will manage the system of accidents inflicting losses to public properties, and assess their scope as well as financial costs, in an effort to enhance customer service, minimize service outlets, save the time & effort, and attain a higher level of customer satisfaction.

"The transfer of management & operation of Property Accident Claims system to the RTA fits well with RTA strategy of combining all traffic, road & transport systems in the emirate under one umbrella; a step which would save the time & effort of RTA individual & corporate customers. The System, which is interrelated with a number of departments of the Agency such as Maintenance, Parking and Intelligent traffic Systems, will be managed by the Financial Team," said Maitha bin Adai, CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency.

She added: "This step basically stems from the drive to upgrade the quality of services delivered to RTA customers and aims to achieve a host of objectives that include exercising better control, carrying out speedy survey of losses, and adopting simplified & time-saving procedures. This is particularly relevant as most of accidents and resulting losses are related to the RTA; which is keen on raising the bar on customer service, and offering diverse service channels out of a strategy based on speedy processing and customer centricity.

Maitha narrated the mechanism to be observed by saying: "Whenever a traffic accident resulting in damage to any sort of road properties, Dubai Police surveys & registers the accident, and produces a report through the Accidents Systems coordinated between RTA & the Police. The report covers details of losses inflicted on public properties such as roads & transport systems, and properties related to other departments in the emirate of Dubai, depending on the nature of losses. The concerned department attends to assessment and identifying the amount of losses to enable the financial team file claims to the insurance companies or involved individuals.

Bin Adai concluded: "The new procedure will combine efforts, and slash the number of service outlets, thereby minimizing disruption and improving quality; thereby contributing to RTA Mission of developing integrated solutions of road systems that are in line with the comprehensive economic development plans in the emirate and at the highest global standards.