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SEO – An Essential Ingredient Of Copywriting For The Web

Copy is one of the most important aspects of onsite Search Engine Optimization

SEO – An Essential Ingredient Of Copywriting For The Web

If you are looking to drive traffic to your web site, you are at the right place. You need to implement the following best practices to write ‘search engine friendly’ content that is engaging and ‘sticky’.

  1. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)
    Google gives credence to content that is related to search terms in a smart and meaningful way. LSI will return results that are conceptually similar in meaning to the search criteria even if the results don’t share a specific word or words with the search criteria.

  2. Average time spent on site
    Google analytics will reveal the average time spent by visitors on your site. Industry average reveals that if the average time spent is more than 6 minutes, it is counted as a successful visitor engagement. You need to therefore write copy that is ‘sticky’ and leads visitors from one page to another, without abandoning your site.

  3. Content should be ‘Shareable’
    Ensure that you provide Social Media shareable links through your content. That way you ensure that your content goes viral and sets up backlinks, which in turn help boost rankings.

  4. Use ‘Long tail’ keywords
    Imbedding keywords based on Google’s keyword planner is an expensive way of adverting in Google to drive traffic. Choosing long tail keywords can help in gaining targeted traffic based on your specific products and services.

  5. Include benefits in your sub headers
    It is always a good idea to break your copy in small paras, so it is more readable and easy on the eye. Share benefits throughout your content to keep the reader engaged and interested. Ensure that you reward every click by providing information that is valuable and click worthy

  6. Title Tag is still the key
    Most search engines read the first 70 characters of your page title. Ensure that these are smartly worded and include major keywords that are representative of your business and reflected accordingly in the web site content.

  7. Searches Related To ....
    When people search for a product or service in Google, Google also displays at the bottom of the page, ‘Searches related to ....’ This is where you grab the valuable keywords and phrases that you need to include in your copy.

  8. Use Graphics Wisely
    A judicious use of graphics to break the monotony and enhance the readability index of your content is a good idea. Ensure that you use alt text for all images to help index the keywords in search engines.

  9. Use ‘Bucket Brigades’
    It is a real challenge to write compelling content. An old trick that was used in olden times by copywriters to make people read long sales letters was using ‘bucket brigades’.

    Here are a few examples that you can imbed in your copy:

    Here’s the deal:
    Did you know?
    What’s the bottom line?
    You might be wondering:
    This is crazy:
    It gets better/worse:
    But here’s the kicker:
    Want to know the best part?
    It’s FREE:

  10. Be a Storyteller
    People like listening to stories. Make yours’ interesting. Turn dull, drab topics into vibrant stories that resonate with your audience. As they say, tell your story or just be a character in someone else’s story!

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