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Du Demonstrates Its Commitment To Employee Wellbeing By Opening A Gym At Its Fujairah Contact Centre
(9 December 2017)
du’s employee wellness programs seek to empower its workforce throughout the company to make their health and fitness a priority in a variety of ways

The UAE telecommunications operator, du, today inaugurated its latest Gym facility at its Fujairah Contact Centre which was opened by Ibrahim Nassir, Chief Human Resources and Administration Officer at du, as part of its commitment towards facilitating employee health and wellness. The state-of-the-art fitness facility in Fujairah is made up of  three sections: an equipment area with machines, an area for yoga and as well as a relaxation space for all du employees. Shower facilities has also been built to support the gym in the office space to eventually promote the healthy life style across the company. The du Fujairah Contact Centre is made up of Emirati employees, of which the majority (90%) are female, therefore the gym provides a separate recreation area for ladies only.

“At du, we are vested in improving the well-being of our employees, and in an effort to implement widespread wellness practices throughout the company, we are committed to extending our gym facilities to all of our du offices. We strive to be a leader in incorporating a sustainable workplace wellness program in the region so that our employees can live healthy and happy lives. At du, we have created a wellness model and corresponding programs to inspire our employees to stay active and achieve optimal health throughout the year,” said Ali Al Mansoori, Vice President - Human Capital Development, du.

In line with its efforts to support employee health and wellness, du has gone beyond providing fitness facilities for its employees with programs including marathons, its Biggest Winner Weight Loss Challenge, sports tournaments, and others. The latest of these initiatives was du’s participation in the Dubai Fitness Challenge, which aimed to engage corporates in the UAE in promoting workplace wellness on the path to corporate happiness. The Dubai Fitness Challenge is part of a national effort to help Dubai become the most active city in the world.

Over the course of the recently-concluded Dubai Fitness Challenge, du motivated employees to take part in a variety of physical challenges, ultimately recording over seven million moves in 30 days. du also implemented Fitness Thursdays and Sundays across its offices nationwide, during which 30-minute fitness sessions were conducted for all staff members throughout the month. With a variety of different activities tailored to employees in every area of the company, du aimed to get as many employees as possible involved. du's participation in the Dubai Fitness Challenge, alongside its establishment of fitness facilities and other wellness programs throughout the company, together are a testament of its dedication to promoting health and wellbeing across its workforce and driving happiness amongst its employees from a multi-pronged approach.

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