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Dubai Municipality Reassures Public On Safety Of Products Used In Sterilisation Operations
(30 March 2020)

As Dubai Municipality continues its operations to sterilise public areas and buildings in the emirate as part of the ongoing national sterilisation programme, it has reassured the public that products being used in the disinfection procedures do not pose any risks and meet the highest standards for safety and effectiveness.

The civic body confirmed that the sterilisation products used in the campaign do not contain active substances except for hydrogen peroxide, which is used in safe ways by specialised personnel after proportionately diluting the chemical according to mandatory safety requirements. The Municipality clarified that all disinfection and sterilisation products contain chemical ingredients but varies in the concentration of active substances.

Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General, Dubai Municipality, said the city-wide sterilisation follows globally benchmarked safety guidelines in the method of use, dilution, and mixing ratios. Disinfection procedures are carried out by a special team of experts with a strong focus on public safety.

He added that all sanitation products used in the campaign contain active ingredients approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Antimicrobial Chemicals Center (CBC) and recommended for sterilisation by the World Health Organization. They are also evaluated by Dubai Municipality to verify their effectiveness and registered in the ‘Montaji’ smart app approved by the World Health Organization, Al Hajri said.

Al Hajri stressed on the need for the public to stay at home during the disinfection operations and urged them not gather at sites where the operation is being conducted in order to ensure a smooth operation and avoid delays.

The Dubai Municipality campaign, which began last Thursday, has so far completed sterilization operations in 226 areas and public facilities in the emirate with the support of 186 specialised personnel. Implemented in cooperation with its strategic partners, the campaign is being conducted within the framework of preventive efforts aimed at ensuring the health and safety of all members of society. The programme forms part of efforts undertaken by institutions and bodies in the country to ensure the highest levels of protection and prevention in the community.

The sterilisation operations feature advanced devices and technologies in accordance with international best practices. Dubai Municipality is also using drones in conducting the procedures, which enhance the speed and efficiency of the sterilisation operations.

Specialised teams have deployed advanced vehicles and equipment for spraying and disinfection, including spraying devices on vehicles that compress disinfection fluid into small particles, portable sprays that operate with hydraulic retail power, and spray and fumigation machines. All sanitation products used were approved by the Municipality. They were evaluated to verify their effectiveness and registered in the ‘Montaji’ smart app approved by the World Health Organization.

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