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Top 7 Upgrades for Your Luxury Car in Dubai
(19 May 2021)

When you’re driving through the streets of Dubai, your car is on full display for everyone to see. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to do something different. Luxury cars are a dime a dozen on these streets so that Mercedes-Benz or BMW looks like everyone else on the street. In order to establish yourself as unique, you’re going to need to make some upgrades. Keep reading for seven upgrades that you can make to your luxury car to stand out.


Wheels that come stock on your vehicle aren’t going to impress anybody. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways that you can upgrade that depend on the body type and color of your vehicle. If you have a dark-colored car or SUV, matte black wheels with either a multi-spoke design are an excellent choice. Conversely, if your vehicle is a metallic color, a chrome finish will complement the color very nicely. It’s also common to upgrade to oversized rims with low-profile performance tires.


Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that is going to touch the road, so it’s important that they’re high quality. Although, few things draw the eyes of bystanders like freshly polished tires. The black rubber shines and gives your car a flash of brilliance. Don’t skimp on tires for your luxury car and you can show up anywhere you go with your car looking like it’s brand new.

If you really want to take your performance to the next level, get wider tires put on your car for better handling off the line and heading into turns. Wider tires will also give your vehicle a much more sporty look than what comes standard.

Car Stereo

Not all luxury cars come with strong sound systems. In fact, says, “Car speakers are just about the last thing a manufacturer thinks about. Most factory audio systems use relatively inexpensive components.” You deserve to be able to hear your music without losing sound quality or worrying about blowing out the speakers. Take your car stereo to the next level by installing top-of-the-line speakers throughout your car and even add to it with more in the trunk. Aftermarket speakers are not only tuned to handle your loud music but to sound good while doing it.

Have you ever noticed how your music sounds a little out of pitch or flat when you connect to your car via Bluetooth? You can install a new stereo deck into your dash that comes equipped with special technology that will restore the quality of your music that was lost in your Bluetooth connectivity.


While most people outside of your car are going to see the seats of your car, they can still go a long way to giving off the proper vibe. If you drive a sports car, racing seats that come equipped with a 5-point harness are going to impress any passenger while helping them feel safe and secure. On the other hand, you can create a complete luxury experience for everyone in your car by adding oversized seats that come equipped with air conditioning. You can take your pick when it comes to upholstery, but leather and microfiber are the preferred materials for luxury vehicle seats.

Custom Paint

Most vehicle manufacturers limit the available paint colors you can have for your car. Don’t take Ruby Flare Pearl off the manufacturer line and call it good. Upgrade your paint job to look exactly how you want it. From two-tone colors to pinstriping on the doors. you can make your car look exactly how you want it by applying some creativity.

Onboard Wi-Fi

Onboard Wi-Fi is another upgrade that most passersby won’t notice, but your passengers most certainly will. Available Wi-Fi will allow your passengers to stay connected without tapping into their monthly data plans. While this is a feature that is standard on most luxury models, you do have to pay a small monthly subscription to make the functionality available.

Ceramic Brakes

Luxury car brands generally take safety very seriously. Porsche has taken braking to the next level with ceramic brakes that, as of right now, are only standard on the Porsche Panamera. These revolutionary brakes are ultra-lightweight and incredibly responsive. The ceramic materials are mixed with copper fibers to create a strong brake pad that makes very little noise and produces minimal brake dust. You can upgrade your brake pads to ceramic to enjoy a more responsive and safe driving experience.

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