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American Schools In London
(10 February 2023)

American schools in London – education information

English education is traditionally considered exemplary. The foreign students have impeccable manners, a strict uniform and no less brilliant prospects than their dazzlingly polished shoes. Schools in London for foreign children present an opportunity to get a world-class education. When studying in the United Kingdom, the child not only immerses himself in the language environment, but also gets into a multicultural society, where he establishes friendly ties and gets acquainted with national peculiarities.

People come to the capital of Foggy Albion not only for the sake of studying. Cultural and social life is also of interest. Living in London allows you to personally observe the most important events that are of great importance for the country, and to see firsthand the greatest historical monuments.

The UK education system is probably one of the most conservative in the world. This is partly due to her age – the appearance of the first secondary schools in the country and Oxford University dates back to the XII century. From that time to this day, discipline and a high level of teaching quality remain the main distinguishing features of the British educational system. The English educational system not only keeps pace with the times, but also often outstrips it: the pursuit of excellence and reverence for traditions here perfectly coexists with the latest educational programs and practices.

Studying in secondary schools in London includes four main stages: primary from 5 to 7 years and from 7 to 11, secondary for children from 11 to 14 years and from 14 to 16. The set of required subjects varies depending on age. In elementary school, children study English, mathematics, history, geography, music, industrial technology and art. Since the age of 11, compulsory subjects include English, mathematics and sciences (fundamentals of chemistry, biology and physics). The student chooses the other subjects together with his parents based on his own preferences. From the age of 14 to 16 – students prepare for the GCSE exam (General Certificate of Secondary Education).

Advantages of studying in secondary schools in London

  • Immersion in authentic culture and communication not only with local residents, but also with other international students.
  • Introduction to the life of the capital, where significant world events take place. Visiting museums, galleries, theaters, musicals and various excursions will become an integral part of getting an education at one of the secondary schools in London.
  • In the capital of the Foggy Albion, most of the prestigious universities are concentrated, in which a child can continue his studies in the future.
  • Excellent transport links. The child will get to school quickly if you choose a full-time form of education.
  • The opportunity to study in a closed green campus, despite the bustling life of a big city nearby.

Enrolment requirements in the best American schools in London

Each international student can become a student of one of the best secondary schools in the UK in case of compliance with the requirements. Firstly, the foreign student needs to have language knowledge.

To apply, the international students must also pass the exams in mathematics and English, but some schools in England add natural sciences. As a rule, the students write tests a few months before the start of studying. In addition, all students undergo a personal interview with representatives of the school's admissions committee. Also, a future student needs to prepare, translate into English and send the following list of documents to a potential educational institution:

  • A report card with grades for the last 2-3 years of high school (academic performance);
  • Language English certificate (IELTS or TOEFL);
  • Letters of recommendation with student characteristics from teachers of mathematics and English;
  • Motivation letter or essay on behalf of the applicant.

This is the minimum list of necessary documents, it can be expanded. 

Usually, admission commission of school accept applications from the foreign students in February-March, and the review phase begins in May-June. After that, the student receives an answer – an invitation to school, or a notification about the inclusion of a student in the reserve list.

American schools in London fees for foreign students

The tuition fee at international schools in London  will mostly depend on such factors, as: type of school, its location, the number of students, chosen educational program, extracurricular program. According to statistics, the cost of studying varies from 20,000 to 25,000 pounds.

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