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HONOR Unveils Cutting-Edge HONOR Falcon Camera System On HONOR Magic6 Pro
(8 February 2024)
AI Motion Sensing 2.0 and Olympic Fencer Collaboration Highlight Imaging Excellence Ahead of MWC 2024 Launch

As the MWC 2024 approaches, HONOR is gearing up for its participation by announcing the latest advancement in its camera technology with the introduction of the HONOR Falcon Camera System on the upcoming HONOR Magic6 Series. Boasting powerful hardware specifications and an enhanced camera system, this innovation marks a significant leap forward in mobile photography.

The new Falcon Camera System incorporates an extensive training dataset comprising 8,000,000 images, a remarkable increase of nearly 3000% compared to the previous generation. With HONOR AI Motion Sensing 2.0, the system excels in capturing captivating moments across more than 10 different scenes, ensuring unparalleled image quality and clarity.

To showcase the prowess of the HONOR Magic6 Pro's camera capabilities, HONOR has collaborated with CéciliaBerder, a three-time World Champion and two-time Olympic French Fencer. Using the Magic6 Pro, CéciliaBerdereffortlessly captures the lightning-fast movements of fencing, demonstrating the device's superiority in sports photography, particularly for events like the Olympics.

The global technology brand revealed five images showcasing how HONOR Magic6 Pro captured the complicated fencing techniques, highlighting the device's ability to freeze fast-paced actions with precision. Additionally, behind-the-scenes footage reveals 30 HONOR Magic6 Pro devices are placed to automatically capture fast motions, further showcasing the device's advanced capabilities.

For a deeper understanding of the AI Motion Sensing Capture technology, please visit the following link:

Further technical details regarding upgrades in sensors, shutter speed, imaging speed, and algorithms are provided in the attached documentation.

The official global launch of the HONOR Magic6 Series is scheduled for February 25th. For more information, visit:

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