Ham Aspic with Cumberland Sauce
Serves : 4 person(s)
125   gms     Ham
160  ml     Cream
50  gms     White bread (no crust)
40  gms     Butter
1  tsp     Cognac
200  gms     Aspic (with gelatin powder)
10  gms     Black truffle, finely chopped
60  gms     Cumberland sauce
10  gms     Mixed green salad
1  tbsp     Citronette dressing
      White Pepper
Preparation Method

Cut bread into small pieces, place in a bowl and moisten with cream. Chop ham coarsely. Place bread, chopped ham, butter and cognac in a food processor. Blend all to obtain a smooth paste. Transfer mixture to a bowl. Stirring, add liquid aspic. Season to taste. Transfer aspic to small molds sprinkled with chopped truffle. Leave in refrigerator until firm. To serve, remove ham aspic from molds and place on plates. Toss salad with citronette (olive oil and lemon juice dressing) and arrange beside the mousse. Garnish with Cumberland sauce and serve.

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