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The Public Bus Transport system in the Emirate of Dubai is run by the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA). 504 peak bus schedules are run on 62 bus routes cutting over 168,000 kilometers on a specimen working day. Service volumes are adjusted on Fridays and public holidays in relation to the passenger demand. Around 250,000 passengers travel on the system per day. The bus routes span the whole length and breadth of 4,110 square kilometers area of the Emirate of Dubai.

The bus fleet is made of top quality custom-built buses equipped with individual seats, air-conditioning, electronically operated destination display system and computerized fare equipment. Most of the buses have a carrying capacity of 51 seating and 10 standing passengers. Some smaller capacity buses are run to service inner CBD routes as also a few low-density corridors.

The bus fleet is maintained at two high-tech bus depots at Al Qusais and Al Awir.

The bus transport infrastructure includes 9 well-attended bus stations, over 1600 bus stops, 153 wayside passenger shelters and point timetables at 500 busy bus stops.

Click here to view the bus schedules and routes map.

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