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How Long Does It Take To Learn eFoil?

How Long Does It Take To Learn eFoil?

Efoil, jetsurf, jet ski, yachts on hydrofoils: novelties have literally swept over the marine industry and most of them are quite oriented towards energy preservation, lower emissions and ease of use. It seems that almost all products nowadays are marketed with a badge “user-friendly”, so in this era of facilitation, how difficult is it actually to learn how to handle a watersports toy and how long would it take an average user to learn to ride one of the most popular luxury products of 2022: the electric hydrofoil?

Quick Lesson on Electric Hydrofoils

If you perchance have never quite been into marine toys and are not aware of all the trendy boats rolling around the most exotic and expensive destinations around the globe, then the efoil has probably escaped your notice. Here is a quick guide on what the efoil is and how you ride it.

The efoil (which is short for electric hydrofoil) is a device that has been around for several years. It is an electric surfboard, but if you see someone foiling at the beach, you will never recognize the surfboard itself. You are most likely going to mistake him for Aladdin, flying out on a magic carpet.

The thing is, that thanks to the hydrofoil attached to the bottom of the board, the board itself lifts out of the water and gives the impression of levitating or hovering. 

From the side it looks quite impressive, but one can’t help but wonder whether it’s easy to learn how to do it. Following the path of logic, simply learning how to balance on a very thin piece of aluminum sounds very difficult, does it not? 

In reality, one can always answer this question with “it depends”, and of course, they would be right.

Learning how to ride an electric hydrofoil on the correct efoil board size, mast length and wing and stabilizer - combination are several factors that would shorten the learning period and facilitate the whole process.

Of course, not all companies offer the perfect board for learning, so here is a short recap of 

What you should look for 

when choosing the electric powered board on which to climb on for the first time:

  • Look for a bigger board. Efoil boards that are larger in volume and width are more stable and therefore don’t require special balance skills. Of course, if you have already practiced snowboarding, surfing, longboarding, or if you are trained in general in a certain boardsport and are confident in your balance skills, then you can try out on a smaller efoil
  • Look for a shorter mast. The mast is the aluminum flat component that is attached to the board. In an efoil, a fuselage is attached to the mast, which holds the electric motor. The motor is operated with a wireless controller that the rider holds in one of his hands and is powered by a battery pack. A shorter mast ensures that once the motor gets engaged and the board starts to fly out of the water, it won’t lift out so much. Quick tip: the length of the mast is the one that determines how far up you will be. For beginners, height is an issue. All the feedback that we have received is that for safety reasons, you start off with a shorter mast and gradually increase length. 
  • Look for bigger wings. Attached to the fuselage on the very bottom of the electric hydrofoil are two wings - a big one and a small one (called the stabilizer wing). With larger wings, the board lifts off at a lower speed. Why is this important? Because speed is often an issue with beginners. Also, if you fall when you are going slowly, it won’t hurt as much. 

One company, SiFly Global efoils, specializes on boards for beginners, so if you ever want to get introduced to this leisure activity/ sport in a more gentle manner, it’s probably best if you learn on their Easy Rider set, which boast a board with a volume of 170 L, a mast that is 55 cm in length and wings that are almost 2000 cubic millimeters! 

The process of flying an electric hydrofoil

It is almost impossible to rent an efoil without first learning with an instructor, so don’t worry about having to deal with the philosophy of flight by yourself. Prepare yourself by watching a tutorial online. When you go to the watersports center, you will most likely be given the opportunity to choose whether to have a group lesson or an individual one. Of course, there is a price difference and if you choose an individual lesson, you should be ready to pay the cost. You will receive a theory lesson on land, then a quick demonstration on water, after which you will be able to climb aboard yourself. 

Your lessons start on all fours until you get the hang of the behavior of the electric hydrofoil: how quickly it must go in order for it to lift off and how much you can tilt sideways without falling. 

Once that is done, you can climb on the efoil on two feet and test your balance this way. If it’s too difficult, go back to foiling on all fours.


Riding an electric hydrofoil is not difficult and doesn’t take a lot of time to learn if you do it properly. Choose wisely and you will be flying in several hours! 

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