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Martial arts that conquer the planet

Martial arts are almost as old as human societies. Unfortunately, a large amount of people can see them as a means of impressing and enhancing physical strength and conformation, but the purpose of virtually every martial art is not the violence. In addition to the self-defense and physical health they offer generosity and peace of mind, concentration, change in lifestyle are some things anyone can win from the martial arts. Let’s see the most famous of them.


Probably the most famous martial art in the world, the most famous and the number one exportable product of Japanese culture.  In Japanese, it means "bare hands," just in contrast to many other martial arts do not use gloves or some other weapon. Having a clear influence from the Chinese boxing systems karate is still taught in dozens of styles and hundreds of schools. Today the karate is basically divided into two large branches: the classic and the most recent. The characteristic of all the karate styles are the many hits with the hands and feet. Despite the advent of many new martial arts, karate remains charming and brings together millions of friends around the world. If you ever visit Tokyo, you will see a lot of kids practicing Karate outdoors, either with the guide, or by themselves.

Tae Kwon Do
With obvious influences from karate, taekwondo is an art that has known in recent years big bloom - no one can deny that this bloom has helped to include it in the Olympic Games since 2000, but the truth is that its spectacular kinesiology and its emphasis on the field of play are also factors that we have play their role. Even though it is not an Indonesian martial art, it is a part of the daily routine of the young people in Jakarta. You may find yourself in one of the luxury hotel Jakarta has and have the opportunity to watch a Tae Kwon Do match.  

Kung Fu (Wu Su)
The term "wu" means "martial art" and encompasses all the martial arts developed in China it is the right term for what became more widely known in the West as "kung fu". The style of the kung Fu is segregated in terms of origin  as well as the emphasis on internal energy cultivation or not. In terms of origin, their main difference is that in the north, particular emphasis is placed on kicks and rapid flowing, while the southern ones are mostly based on hand strength and impact on them, as well as on attitudes that give steady base. In terms of energy, the external are traditionally fighting style in order to practice force, speed, explosive power and endurance, while the internal ones are based on the precision of movements, the energy balance and the development of the internal energy under the name "Chi", which according to their philosophy flows into the body and is responsible for life.

Wrestling, one of the oldest sports in the world, was first shown in Ancient Greece. It joined the Olympic Games since their revival in 1896. It can be found in two styles, the Greco-Roman and the Free - Patriot. Until recently, the fight was considered a men's sport, but since 1987 the world championship of women's free wrestling has taken place and in 2004 the women's fight was included for the first time in the Olympic program.

Wrestling is an individual body-to-body race of two men of the same weight who try to shoot each other on the ground by applying specific handles and on the basis of specific rules. The goal of the wrestler is to touch the opponent's back on the ground and keep him in this position for a short time, in which case the fight ends. Since its return to the everyday athletic reality of modern Greece, the struggle has offered the Greeks a bunch of emotions with significant distinctions in Balkan, European and world competitions. Greece with its capital, Athens has a number of clubs where any young man can practice this ancient art.

Mui Tay
Perhaps the hardest, fighter sport, Thai boxing or mui tai, is in a sense the ancestor of modern kickboxing. Mui Tai is characterized as it is using eight "arms": these are the two fists, two elbows, two knees and two feet and the boxers use them all with swift alternations in order to, as in classical boxing, either to score technical points or to make the opponent out of a fight with a knockdown or knockout - a major difference with classical boxing is that even today there are fights where boxers do not wear gloves but only. Thai boxers devote many hours to making their shins particularly hard to be able to perform the specific kicks targeted at the opponent's thighs. Even if no one intends to follow the exhaustive training of Thai boxers and their professional career, the mummy remains one of the most intense physical exercises in the field of martial arts.

Kick Boxing
The kickboxing is a sport which is very similar to other martial arts, such as full-contact karate, the Thai boxing Mui Tai or French savati, although the art with which it has more to do is clearly the Thai Mui tai. The history of kickboxing began in the 1960s and 1970s in the US since the first full-field karate matches, while the term "kick boxing" was probably created by a Japanese race organizer. In any case, the sport has spread all over the world, irrespective of the other combat traditions of each country, and even today it retains much of the popularity it had at that time and attracts many athletes to its gymnasiums. As the name says, the kickboxing includes classical boxing techniques and kicks -the range of blows and kicks determined by the rules of each federation and each event. In both practice and athletes, athletes wear protective equipment and the point is, as in boxing, to gather points or neutralize the opponent with knockout or knockdown. In now days a lot of young people, especially in the suburbs of big U.S. cities try to make the difference and be world famous athletes. 

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