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The karatage (Caratage) System For Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is usually described in terms of karatage (caratage), which is an indication of its gold content, for example 18 karat or 18K. Alternatively, the gold content can be described in terms of "fineness', which is the gold content expressed in parts per thousand, for example 750 (which is 18 karat or 75% gold).

Since the price paid by the purchaser for gold jewellery is based on the amount of gold in it, it is important for the consumer to know how many karats of gold there is in the piece. Most jewellery worldwide is marked with the karatage or fineness. Pure gold ('fine gold') is 24 karats (carats) and so 24 karats is theoretically 100% gold.

A harder alloy is made by adding nickel or a tiny percentage of titanium. The proposition of gold in jewellery is measured on the karat (or carat) scale. The word 'karat' comes from the carob seed, which was originally used to balance scales in oriental bazaars.

Karatage Fineness Gold ( in % )
24 1000 100
22 916.7 91.67
18 750 75
14 583.3 58.33
10 416.7 41.67
9 375 37.5
Gold shops in Dubai
Dubai has a large number of Gold and Jewellery stores spread all across the city. Below are the main areas for Gold Shopping in the city.

I. Deira Gold Souk

The Deira Gold Souq is world renowned as the largest gold bazaar in the world, the Gold Souq in Deira is the main reason that Dubai has received the name City of Gold.

II. Bur Dubai

The streets of Bur Dubai have recently become a popular choice for gold shopping. One can find all the popular brands available in the "Al Fahidi Street" and "Meena Bazaar" areas of Bur Dubai.

III. Karama

Another prevalent choice for gold shopping is the karama area which is predominantly a residential area but offers its own mini Souk with a large number of Gold and Jewellery retailers as well as shops offering fantastic deals on clothes, handbags, electronics and other knick knacks.

IV. Gold Land, Bur Dubai - New Gold Souk

With the increasing popularity of gold purchasing in the Bur Dubai area - a whole building has been constructed with major gold shops giving shoppers a choice of the best brands under one roof.

V. Shopping Malls

Most Shopping Malls across Dubai tend to have a dedicated area for their Gold & Jewellery customers and retailers - listed below are some of the more popular malls based on their size and offerings

VI. Gold & Diamond Park

Established in May 2001, the park now consists of more than 38 retail outlets and 118 manufacturing units. It has become literally the heart of the gold and diamond jewelery market in New Dubai.

Taking care of your jewellery

When you buy gold jewellery, make sure that it is given to your in a box with a satin or velvet lining. Gold ornaments should not be kept in pouches, because this will cause scratching and wearing away of gold when the gold pieces brush against each other. This even more likely if the ornament is studded with diamonds or other hard gemstones.

Ideally, two different gold ornaments should not be kept in the same box. Wrapping smaller items of jewellery individually in tissue paper before keeping them in the box safeguards them from scratches.

Keep it Clean…

It is best to use a soft cleaning cloth, chamois leather or synthetic chamois to clean your jewellery. A good gold cleaning liquid is also useful for maintaining the shining glory of your gold jewellery. When cleaning your jewellery, always use soft, non-abrasive material.

A good cleaning liquid may be used for intricate jewellery with delicate links, which a cloth may not reach. Once in a while, gold ornaments should be cleaned by dropping them in boiling water with a pinch of sodium bicarbonate for just half a minute. Drop one piece of jewellery at a time and remove it. Then wipe it immediately with a soft cloth.

Evaluating price

In addition to the Karat's weight, the price of gold jewellery is determined by several factors; total weight; design and construction; and ornamental detailing, such as engraving or Florentine finish. Although nearly all gold jewellery today is made with the help of special machines, some manual work is always involved. The more manual work involved in making a particular piece, the higher its price.

Colors of gold

Pure (24 karat) gold is a deep yellow color (an orange shade of yellow) and is soft and very malleable. The colored karat gold alloys range in gold content from 8 to 22 karats (33.3% - 91.6% gold) and can be obtained in a range of color shades: green (actually a green shade of yellow), pale yellow, yellow, deep yellow, pink/rose and red. There are also white golds and even unusually colored gold such as 'purple gold'.

They all have different mechanical properties such as strength, hardness and malleability (ductility) and some alloys can be heat treated to maximize strength and hardness.

Dubai gold & jewellery group

The Dubai Gold and jewelery Group welcomes you to the CITY OF GOLD - Dubai. The group is a trade association, established in 1996, to ensure the quality standards of gold jewellery & in promoting Dubai - Jewellery Destination of the World. You will find more than 1000 outlet selling a wide variety of quality jewellery at the most competitive prices. It is recommended to the member outlets to ensure a pleasant shopping experience for you.

Please look for the"Member Sticker" in the stores to guarantee excellent quality and service in your shopping. - Your gateway to the exquisite jewellery collection of Dubai, now available online.

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