Dubai Tram - Operation Contract

In September 2013, the RTA signed Dubai Tram operation contract the British Serco Company for a period of 75 months, starting from August 2013, including 15 months for operation preparation where Emirati staff were appointed and trained; and a five-year operation period. The total value of the operation contract is AED 105 million, while the project’s construction contractor (Alstom and Besix Consortium) will be responsible for tram system maintenance for a period of 13 years, renewable for additional five years.

Under this contract, Serco will be responsible for providing operation services for all tram system assets, and modern transport services in keeping with the daily changes, besides protecting RTA’s assets, operating the tram revenue system, collecting NOL cards sale revenues, full coordination with both the construction contractor during the test runs before network operation, and the maintenance contractor during the operation period, besides ensuring a high level of safety for the tram network users, achieving coordination & integration among the tram, metro and other various means of transport. The contract also mandates Serco to the transfer working staff to the RTA or to any other third party the RTA chooses after the expiry of the contract.

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