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Why You Should Visit Dubai
New York Times

When it comes to holidays abroad most of us are content with a trip to either a sun soaked Spanish beach or a weekend away in France, perhaps a visit afield into Europe via Germany or Norway.

Some even save up to go stateside, but there’s one place that none of us even dream about venturing to, that place is of course Dubai.

The Times They Are ‘A Changing

Normally Dubai is a black hole for positive reasons to visit, with its strict laws on women, public displays of affection, dress and of course the fact that it’s a dry country meaning you can’t drink alcohol hasn’t exactly put it at the top of the holiday hotspots list.

In recent years Dubai has gone under a rather rigorous social and cultural change.

Now they don’t aggressively enforce the public display of affection law anymore with many expats even saying the locals have begun wandering around holding hands and being openly affectionate.

Women still have to wear sensible clothes but now alcohol is allowed to be consumed in Dubai.

Although it’s confined to bars and restaurants, if you’re caught being drunk in public you’ll get arrested, but that’s the same in any country when booze is involved.

With the removal of these deterrents you now have no excuse to go to a city that has no shortage of things for you to do. From fantastic Indian and Arabic restaurants to the world’s tallest hotel, where you can even pay to sit at the top of the spire, a tiny platform hundreds of feet up in the air.

What to Do

Dubai has a great list of shopping centres to visit, with most retailing top of the line fashion items for incredibly cheap prices that make our summer sales pale in comparison.

With beautiful scenery coupled with ridiculous lavishness, Dubai is quickly becoming quite the tourist destination. This is all down to the relaxation of the Islamic laws in the Middle East as people become more accepting of westerners with many even adopting more western ideas.

For example Dubai even has several McDonald’s restaurants now that serve their own custom dish, the ridiculously named ‘McFalafel’. There are even casinos and casino websites like this one that are popping up all over the country.

So next time you’re thinking of planning a holiday, why not give Dubai a consideration.

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