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Getting Around
At The Hotel
At The Restaurant
Can you take me to this address? Hal yomken an takhozny ela haza alaonwan?
I will get my own taxi. Sawf astaqel taxi
I will get out here. Sawf akhrog men hona (to taxi driver)
Please slow down (to Taxi or other driver) Men fadlak abte' al soraa
Go straight please Etageh lel amam
Turn left please Etageh yamenan
Turn right please Etageh yasaran
Can you wait for me here? Hal youmken an tantazerony hona?
Car sayara
Driver sawaq
Petrol/Gas Station mahattet benzine
Petrol/Gas benzine
Pump Up nafkh
Oil zeit
Hire ajar/ejar
Bridge kubri
Gate bab
Wheel agall
Road tariq
Taxi taxi

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I want to pay for this. Oreed an adfaa lehaza
Can I pay in Euros? Hal yomkenny an adfaa bel Euro?
Can I Speak to your Manager? Hal yomkeny al tahadoth maa moderak?
Who is in charge? Man al Masoul?
Do you take Master Card? Hal taqbaloun al taamol bel master card?
Leave me alone Etrokny wahdy
May I have a Bottle of Water Please Hal yomken an aakhoz zogaget meyah?
Bureau De Change maktab el-sarf
Money fuluss
I Would Like To Change Some Money yez asarraf fuluss
Change (Coins) fakka
Have You Any Change? andokom fakka?
Price el-taman
Where Can I Buy...? fein mumken ashtari...?
How Much? bekam?
How much does this cost? Bekam haza?
How Much Is This? bi kam da
It's Too Expensive ghali awi
A Little shuaya
A Lot keteer
That's Fine/Perfect tamam
Baker khabbaz
Grocer baqqal
Butcher gazzar
Butcher's house Gezzara
Shop mahal
Photographer's mesauaraty
Bookshop maktaba
Newspaper journaal
Book kitab
Jeweler sayegh

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Airplane tayara 
Airport mattar 
Bus auto beas
Ticket tazkara 
Change sarf or taghieer
Customs gumruk 
Station mahatta 
Porter shaial or hammal 
Train atre or kittar 
Suitcase shanta 
Departure zehab 
Arrival wussul 
Delay taakhear 
Travel Agent wikalat safar 
Bus Station mehatet el-outobees 
When Does The....Arrive? emta wussul 
When Does The...Leave? emta qiyam... 
I Want To Go To... Ayez arrouh ella... 
Stop Here Please wakeff hena men fadlak 
Can I take your picture? Hal yomken an akhoz lak sora?
Would you take my picture? Hal toheb an takhoz soraty?
Can You Wait For Me? mumkin tantazirni? 
Can you get me a taxi? Hal yomken an tohder lee taxi ?
Wait intazir
I need a tourist policeman Oreed ragol shorted al seyaha ?
I need a ticket please Menfadlak aoreed tazkara ?
Where is a photo shop? Ayn yogad studio el tasweer?
Where Can I buy Film? Men ayen yomken le an ashtary film?
Can I smoke here? Hal youmken le an odakhen hona?
I must leave tomorrow La bod an arhal ghadan ?

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At The Hotel
Hotel fundoq
Room ghorfa
Key meftah
Bathroom hammam
Towel futa, manchafa
Sheet melaya
Blanket Ghata
I Have Reserved A Room Ana hagazt oda
The air conditioner is not working Al takeef la yaamal
How Much Does A Room Cost? bi kam el-oda?
When does the swimming pool open? Mata yaamal hmam el sebaha
Do you have an Internet Cafe? Hal ugad internet café?
I need room service Ahtag lekhedmet el ghoraf
I need a wake up call. Oreed an youkezny ahad
Can someone get my luggage Hal youmken leahad an usaedny fe ehdar haqaeby?
Do I have any messages? Hal laday ay rasael?
I need maid service Oreed amelat nazafa

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At The Restaurant
Restaurant mataam
Breakfast fetar
Lunch ghada
Dinner asha
Water mayya
Mineral Water mayya maadania
Wine nebite
Juice assir
Glass kas
Plate tabaq
Bread aish
Butter zebda
Olives zeitun
Cheese jibna
Salad salata
Vegetables khodar
Meat lahma
Chicken dajaj
Fish samak
Dessert helu
Fruit fakiha
Ice-Cream ice cream
Coffee ahua
Coffee Without Sugar ahua sada
Fairly Sweet mazbut
Very Sweet ziada
Tea shay
Sugar sokkar
Milk halib
Hot sokhn
Cold bared
Can you recommend a restaurant? Hal youmken an torasheh mataam?
Do you have beer? Hal ugad ladaykom beera?
May I Have The Tab, Please? momken el-he-ssab men fadlak?
I need a table for four. Oreed trabeza Larbaat ashkhas
May I have more ice, please? Hal le mazeed min al thalg?

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