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Useful Arabic Words & Phrases
Personal Info
Help & Directions
Expressions & Words

Hello! Welcome! Ahlan! (or) Marhaban
Hi! Salam!
Good Morning! Sabah el kheer
Good Afternoon/ Evening! Masaa el kheer
Good Night (when leaving) Tosbeho/to sb eh een a (fem) ‘ala khair/
Good Bye! Ma’a salama
See You Later! Araka/ (Araki for female) fee maba'd
How Are You? Kaifa haloka/ haloki (female)
I'm Fine! And You? Ana bekhair, wa anta? wa anti? (female)
Thank You (Very Much)! Shokran(jazeelan )
You're Welcome! Al’afw
What's New?- Nothing new! Maljadeed? - Lashai jadeed
How is everything going? Kaifa taseeru al omoor?
Pretty good! Bekhair, alhamdu lellah
Hey Friend! Ahlan sadiqi/sadiqati!
I Missed YouSo Much! Eshtaqto elaika/elaiki (female)kat h eeran
Take Care! E’tanee benafsek/ benafseki (female)

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Personal Info
Do You Speak (English/Arabic)! Hal tatakallamo alloghah al enjleziah/alarabiah?
Just A Little. Qaleelan!
Yes, Very Well Na'am, Jayedan!
What's Your Name? Ma esmouk?Ma esmouki?
My Name Is... Esmee...
Nice To Meet You! Motasharefon/ motasharefatun (f) bema'refatek
Where Are You From? Men ayna anta/(anti for female)
I'm From (the U.S/ Morocco) Ana men (amreeka/ almaghreb)
I’m (American) Ana (amreeki/ amrekiah for female)
Where Do You Live? Ayna taskun?Ayn a taskuneen? for female
I live in (the U.S/ France) A'eesho fel welayat almotaheda/faransa
What Do You Do For A Living? Ma mehnatuk? (Mehnatuki for female)
I Work As (Teacher/ Translator) A'mal ka(modarres/ motarjem)
I’ve been Studying (Arabic)f o r( 6) years Adrosu (al arabia) mundu( set ) sanawat
How Old Are You? Kam howa ‘omrok? (‘mrokee for female)
I'm (twenty, thirty) Years Old Omri (esh reen / thalatheen) sanah (th as in bath)

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Help & Directions
Can I Help You? Hal beemkani mosa’adatak/(add i for female)?
Can You Help Me? Hal beemkanek mosa’adati?
Where Can I Find (a drugstore/milk)? Ayna ajed (saidaliah/ alhaleeb)
It's Not Far! Almakan laisa ba’eeda
I'm Looking For John. Abhatu ‘an John
One Moment Please! Lahda men fadlek/ (fadleki for female)
Hold On Please! ( phone) Lahda men fadlek/ (fadleki for female)
How Much Is This? Kam howa thamanoh? (th as in bath)
Ok? (Is that alright?) - Ok (answer) Okee? –Tayeb
Can I? Sure! Hal beleemkan? – Tab’an!
Excuse Me! ( to ask for something) Men fadlek/( f adl eki for female)
Excuse Me! ( to pass by) Alma'derah!
Come With Me! Tafaddal/ (Tafaddali for female) ma' ee
Follow Me! Etba'nee/etb a'een i !

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Expressions & Words
Good/Bad/ So-So. Jayed/saye'/ 'adee
Big/S mall Kabeer/Sagheer
Today/Now Alyawm/ Al aan
Tomorrow/ Yesterday Ghadan/Albareha
Yes/No Na’am/Laa
Of Course Tab’an
Here You Go! (giving something) Khod!
Oh! That's Good! Yala Arraw’a
Mr/Mrs/Miss… Assayed/ Assayedah/ Al anesah
I Will Be Right Back! Sa arje’o halan
I Have To Go Now Yajebu an adhaba al aan!
Do You Like It? Hal a’jabak?Hal a’abaki? (fem)
I Really Like It! A’jabanee haqqan!
I'm Hungry/ I’m Thirsty. Ana jae’/ ana ‘atshaan
I'm Just Joking! Amzah faqat
It Doesn't Matter (no big deal) La yahom!
In The Morning/ Evening/ At Night. Sabahan/ masaan/ laylan
This/ That. Here/There Haza/ zalek. Huna/ hunak
Really! Haqqan!
Shut Up! Ekhrass!E kh rassee! for female
What? Where? How? Maza? Ayn? Kaif ?
Me/ You. Him/ Her. Ana/ anta/ anti (you female)Houwa/Hiya
What Time Is It Now? Kam assa’a al aan?
It's 10 o'clock. 06:30pm. 09:15 am Al 'asherah. Asadesah wannesf.At ase' ah warub'
I'm (Muslim/ Christian) Ana (muslem/ maseehi)
I'm (Muslim/ Christian) Ana (muslemah/ maseehiah) for female
Wait For Me! Entazernee / entazereene! for female
Not Yet. Laysa baa'd
Look! Onzor / Onzori for female
Give Me This! A’tenee hatheh! (th as in bath)
I Love Cooking/ Languages! Ohebbo attabkh! / alloghaat
I Congratulate You! Ohayyeeka/ohayyeki for female
Hurry Up! Asre'/ Asre'ee for female
I Love You! Ohebbok/Ohebboki for female

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