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How to Get the Perfect Photos During a Football Match

How to Get the Perfect Photos During a Football Match

Football is a sport that lends itself to great photography. The players get settled into their positions and then the game bursts into life with a few explosive moments. Surely, catching the intensity and power of this sport shouldn’t be too difficult?

Well, if you follow some basic advice then you stand a far greater chance of getting it right. What do you need to capture the NFL photos that you dream of?

Get the Right Equipment

As with any type of photography, the starting point is with your equipment. You can’t hope to take top-quality pictures if you don’t have the right equipment for the situation.

In football games, you need to be able to take rapid pictures when the action heats up. Once a play begins, things happen really quickly. You will miss out if you don’t have a camera that is capable of taking at least six pictures per second.

The lens is also crucial. Cheaper models simply won’t give you the quality results that you crave. Most NFL photographers agree that that a 400mm f2.8 fixed lens is the best choice. It is expensive but it will give you the clarity that you need under the lights or under the sun.

You will also want to have a wide-angle lens with you, in case it is needed. Remember that you will probably need to use a monopod rather than a tripod if you are down by the side of the field.

Understand the Game

Are NFL photographers also fans of the game? It isn’t essential, but there is no doubt that it helps. Above all, this is because a fan is more likely to understand the game and what might be about to happen.

Is the quarterback going to attempt a long pass, or is he going to get sacked? Who is the key player in the next play? No-one knows for sure, but if you understand the game then you have a far better chance of guessing correctly.

This knowledge helps in working out where to stand and what players to focus on. It is no guarantee that you will get some perfect shots, but if you don’t have it then your chances are going to be a low lower.

If you watch games on the TV or place sports bets online NFL Superbowl, like on BetAmerica, then you are in a good position to know what might happen next. Taking a gamble on something that you have a gut feeling on can turn out be a fantastic decision.

Capture the Big Moments

The finest photos in sports history capture the big, dramatic moments. In boxing, the most iconic image is probably that of Muhammad Ali towering triumphantly over the fallen Sonny Liston.  

In the world of baseball, many of us think of Ty Cobb sliding into third base with a look of determination on his face. What about football, though? This list of the best NFL images shows acrobatic touchdowns, bruising tackles, and all of the drama that we expect from this sport.

This is why you need to hope to be in the right place at the right time when something outstanding happens. Every game you go to will see touchdowns scored, quarterbacks sacks, and other exciting moments. Will you manage to take pictures of them?

Also, is there a certain team that you want to focus on? If there is, then this will determine where you want to be standing and where on the field you want to focus.

As we saw earlier, you want to capture the big, decisive moments. So, you need to be placed to capture your team’s touchdowns, interceptions, and sacks. These are the moments that define the game and that you need to be ready for.

Taking photos of NFL action can be hugely rewarding if you follow these tips and are ready to capture the best of the game.

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