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Naya Clinics raising awareness on the importance of marriage therapy

Therapy has always been met with resistance from the public. People shy away from the idea, thinking that seeking help means that there is something inherently wrong with them. However, this is not the case, and Sam Nabil, founder of Naya Clinics, wants people to know that it is completely normal to want to live a more fulfilling life.

Aside from setting up online therapy, the founder has also branched out globally and recently set up Naya Clinics in Abu Dhabi. Why the global reach? Nabil explains that people all over the world can benefit from therapy and he wants to offer easy access, especially during these trying times. He has also spent a significant amount of time in the Arabian Gulf and believes that he has adequate experience and knowledge of the Arabic culture to be of assistance. Nabil also knows that it is a challenge to find reputable and professional therapists in Abu Dhabi, which is one of the reasons which led him to opening a branch in the United Arab Emirates.

There has been a significant increase in divorce following the pandemic. Because of the unprecedented situation that has forced families to huddle down, there are a number of challenges that couples and families have to face. Living together in such a constricted environment will lead to conflicts. Therapy would be able to alleviate many of these pressures and prevent future conflicts from arising, Nabil is also confident that therapy would reduce divorce rates.

“It is important to - not only befriend your spouse - but to also have the skills necessary to be a good spouse yourself,” Sam Nabil was quoted saying regarding couples therapy. “A marriage or relationship is a garden, you need to work on it, and you need to know how to work on it. Therapy would be able to offer you the tools you need to make your relationship bloom.”

Research shows that happy couples actually live longer. Family units should recognize that significance that therapy plays in cultivating strong and meaningful relationships. It can strengthen the foundation of familial bonds and improve the flow of communication between family members, whether parents, children or siblings.

Studies also suggest that children from families that practice open-communication are often much happier and do better in school. They face less mental health challenges and are not afraid to go to their parents when they need help. It creates a chain of trust and positivity in the family when their parents undergo marriage counselling. Since children learn by example, when they see how their parents practice good interpersonal skills, they will pick it up subconsciously. This, in part, helps foster the skill of communication. They will also learn how to respect each other, when they see their parents do the same.

Therefore, a strong relationship between parents is important when it comes to having good relations in the family unit. Children that come from solid familial backgrounds are often well adjusted individuals who are successful in their interactions with others.

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