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Blue Oasis Petcare Hospital

The Blue Oasis Pet Care Hospital in Dubai is a place of healing, warmth and good care. With a staff dedicated to attending to the best interest of both you and your beloved pets, our aim is to provide the most comprehensive veterinary care in the UAE.

The hospital emulates the following philosophy:
"The Blue Oasis Petcare Hospital aims to provide a smooth and safe work flow in a warm and caring environment for our clients and their pets.

Our highly educated team strives to provide the highest quality of care under strict ethical standards. Regular training ensures that we stay up to date with the latest scientific developments. Our hospital is equipped with the latest in monitoring and diagnostic services as well as the highest standard of sterile soft tissue and bone surgery.

We believe that what truly sets us apart is the human element that we bring to veterinary medicine. We pay close attention to our clients, for we know that it’s those little details that help us give the best care possible. We understand the special role that your pet plays in your family; in our clinic, your pet is a part of our family too.

The bond that grows between us and our clients truly enriches our lives and we are thankful to each and every one of you for this unique opportunity to serve you and the four-legged loved ones in your lives. "

In addition to the general check-ups and prophylaxis (vaccination and de worming), our team at the Blue Oasis Petcare Hospital will offer your pet the individual attention that it needs, through thorough and methodical examinations and appropriate treatments.

We offer comprehensive vet services. A one-stop shop for all your pet needs in Dubai!

Different problems require different approaches. That is why we built our clinic from the ground up to handle all possible scenarios. Below are details of some of the services we offer.


In some cases lab tests are necessary to arrive at the right diagnosis. By building our own lab at the Blue Oasis Petcare Hospital, we have made it possible to perform on-the-spot tests and get fast and accurate results. We offer general clinical blood analysis, complete biochemical blood analysis and organs checks (for example for kidney diseases or diabetes). Blood smears for blood parasites can also be done, as well as stool and urine tests.

Having the right equipment and expertise allows us to perform cytological analysis of skin scraping and fur hair for fungus or parasites. When necessary, we cooperate with one of the best labs in Munich, Germany.

If you want more information about our lab services, please feel free to contact us.


X-rays are one of the most commonly used methods in animal diagnostics. A radiographic examination allows us to detect complex diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the lungs, the heart and the bones.


In our clinic, with the aid of our state of the art ultrasound machine, we are able to analyse and diagnose vital organs such as the liver, the spleen, the kidneys, the urinary bladder, the uterus, the ovaries, the prostate gland and the heart. If bringing your pet to the clinic is difficult, we offer you the service of at-home ultrasound examination of the pet’s abdominal cavity.


In surgery, anaesthesia is essential. We have prepared our clinic with the most advanced equipment to be able to provide the highest standards of safety and comfort for your pet. When administering the anaesthetic, whether by injection or inhalation, we like to ensure the most effective and yet the smoothest result.

If your pet does need surgery, please remember that he will need special preparations before general anaesthesia. For more details please contact us.


We have a sterile European-Standard operating-room with all the necessary surgical equipment as well as the expertise to perform the most complex operations. Sometimes, depending on the need of our patients, a pre-op or post-op stay may be necessary. We can handle all types of surgery, from routine operations like castration and spaying, cutting a surface abscess, phlegmons and auricle haemotoma to mastectomy, total resection of an outer acoustic duct as well as all kinds of bone surgery. We normally administer pain medication to reduce discomfort during and after the surgery

Dental Care/ Stomatology

The teeth of your cherished pet are one of the most important things. Our modern clinic offers complete stomatological services with state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience. From oral cavity cleaning, tooth extraction, ultrasound removal of dental calculus, to the complete readjustment of the oral cavity and jaw surgery, we have the equipment and the expertise to handle it all.

Behavior Training

Just like a baby, a young pet needs to learn everything one step at a time. Sometimes, problems can happen; little ‘accidents’ around the house, overly aggressive behaviour, and so on. We can help you communicate with your little friend. Training for adult dogs is held on Sundays between 5 and 6pm in front of our clinic. See the map for directions.

We’ll even come to your home to help out in his own environment. For more details, please contact us.

Pet Hospital

Sometimes, we will advise keeping your pet here for observation or treatment. In these cases, your pet can stay in our big, clean and cosy station. Our animal-loving and patient assistants will care for your pet throughout his stay with us.

For more information please visit: http://www.blueoasispetcare.com

Email: office@blueoasispetcare.com

Website: http://www.blueoasispetcare.com

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