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PUMA Plans To Evolve The Organization Through The Fostering Of Unique Company Values

These can be best summarized in four words: Passion, Openness, Self-belief and Entrepreneurship.

PUMA is not a business that manufactures and sells soap powder or ballpoint pens or instant coffee. It is a business rooted in the passionate world of sporting endeavour. The history of the brand resonates with the echoes of great athletes and legendary performances, celebrated in stadiums across the globe. PUMA makes products designed to facilitate the individual achievements that evoke the most passionate responses.

Today’s marketplace is one of the fastest changing and dynamic on the planet. To respond quickly and effectively in this environment demands a culture of openness, where opinions can be shared without fear of blame and where old wisdom can be questioned without the fear of antagonism. In this culture, respect and understanding flourish naturally, teamwork flows seamlessly, barriers dissolve and a much over-used word, empowerment, takes on real meaning.

Global businesses face new challenges every day. It is the quality of the people in these businesses and their belief in their own abilities that enable these challenges to be overcome. PUMA’s recognition of this is reflected in its determination that everyone in the company understands and embraces the company values, as well as benefits from the experience and integrity of their colleagues. Only with self-belief will individuals have the confidence to make things happen, take the tough decisions and realize their ambitions for themselves and, ultimately, for the business.

Few businesses succeed without great ideas. PUMA has been built on them and needs them to flow relentlessly hour by hour, day by day. This demands a willingness to think outside the box, to zig where others zag and to seek inspiration beyond the more obvious boundaries of our business universe. Such creativity has inspired the PUMA brand strategy. It will also be needed to make it a reality.


PUMA’s goal is to be “The Most Desirable Sportlifestyle Company”. Along its charted course PUMA makes use of the opportunities offered by the sportlifestyle market to strengthen its position in all categories and regions as one of the few multi-category brands.

Selected categories and divisions are being developed with a view to achieving permanent value increases through unique brand positioning. PUMA is a sportlifestyle brand where product categories originate in Sport before being continued in Lifestyle and on through to Fashion.

Our Brands

In an environment characterized by growing globalization, the early detection and tracking of trends play an important role. Only those who manage to recognize and effectively implement trends are able to respond to changes in consumers’ demand pattern and thus gain a competitive edge.

After the strict division between fashion and sports observed a few years ago, the limits nowadays have merged into the already well recognized and established Sportlifestyle market.

Sportlifestyle is not a fashion term, but rather a philosophy of life. Through the dissolution of limits between sports and lifestyle, the group of competitors now covers the entire range from traditional sporting goods companies to fashion companies with a sports orientation.

Our Brands
- PUMA + Alexander McQueen
- Mihara
- Rudolf Dassler Schuhfabrik
- PUMA - The Black Label
- Tretorn

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