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Bayt.com Launches LiveHire, A Specialized Employer-Jobseeker Chat Solution For The Region

Bayt.com has reaffirmed its position as the MENA region’s number one job site by launching a specialized employer-jobseeker live chat solution, LiveHire. Bayt.com is the first jobsite in the region to create an online platform exclusively for employers and job seekers to connect instantly and in real time. The feature is set to revolutionize the way in which employers identify and communicate with jobseekers, and will consequently make recruitment throughout the region a faster and more effective process.

Bayt.com has a long-standing reputation of overcoming information and access barriers across geographic boundaries with its revolutionary jobs search platform, which enables the entire region to access the latest and best job opportunities available. Today with immediacy at a premium and more employers and jobseekers than ever before, this powerful new feature addresses the time and cost barrier involved during the hiring process by enabling instant communication and consequently a faster and better recruitment match.

“Today employers are looking for immediate hiring solutions, and LiveHire is another ground breaking innovation in Bayt.com’s recruitment arsenal that addresses the demands of the current employment market while setting precedent within the industry. As a leader in the recruitment domain we strive to introduce state-of-the-art services to make the process of matching employers and jobseekers faster, easier and more efficient. With LiveHire, we have created a unique employer-jobseeker space that will eliminate the time, cost and resources spent during screening and interviewing, and in turn generate more informed hiring decisions.

Jobseekers will now have even closer contact with hiring employers and can be accessed instantly through the new smart channel,” said Omar Tahboub, Bayt.com VP of Product.

The feature, available to any employer with an active Bayt.com search package for no additional cost, initiates an instantaneous chat dialogue with jobseekers registered on the Bayt.com system, automatically eliminating the time and cost recruiters endure when screening and interviewing candidates by telephone and email. The service allows employers to first identify which candidates are interested in their company and then immediately shortlist them when accessing their CVs. Recruiters can then invite the candidate to chat on a live, real-time basis.

“Real-time and low cost screening solutions are no longer a luxury for today’s recruiters, they are now necessary tools that enable employers to fill available positions quickly with the best possible candidate. We are not strangers to introducing technological innovations in the recruitment domain, in fact LiveHire is an addition to a series of pioneering technological innovations that Bayt.com has introduced to the region providing employers with more choice and reach in finding top candidates.

The recent launch of the new Bayt.com JobSeeker Workspace which is the most avant-garde and functional job search dashboard in the industry today; as well as Bayt.com’s Public Profiles, present the region’s first foray into the highly critical interface between social networking and recruitment, and have firmly positioned Bayt.com as the first job site of its kind to integrate Google-style analytics and Facebook social wisdom into the job site model. LiveHire, along with our other platforms, such as Bayt.com Communities and Bayt.com Salary Calculator tool, have the potential to inform, transform and accelerate the recruitment process throughout the entire region,” concluded Omar Tahboub, Bayt.com VP of Product.

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