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How to Use Helpbit to Find Service Providers in Dubai

Dubai has progressed so much over the years that it has now become one of the major cities in the world. Its beauty has no comparison and it has become a mirror of luxury and lavish living. It would be an honor to live in such a beautiful place.
But its beauty isn’t the only thing that captured people’s heart. It has become such a livable place with all the amenities you can find. Dubai has amazing places for leisure and entertainment. Its thriving economy also makes it easier to find a job.

There’s no doubt that many people have chosen to have a career and live in Dubai.
However, with all of these said, can you really find service providers that truly matters? Can you find moving companies in Dubai? How about cleaning services? And let’s never forget electronics repair. These will all matter at one point in our life; and in a big city like Dubai, it’s important to know where to run when that time comes.

Finding reliable service providers

With the internet emerging as the most helpful place to get information, it’s easier to find local service providers. Platforms like Helpbit can help Dubai locals find the pros they need. Whether it be home cleaning services in Dubai or perhaps a place that repairs your iPhones and laptops, you’ll find them in one place.

Basically, Helpbit is like an online marketplace. You can easily access the site on your computer or laptop and you only need to answer a few questions about your dilemma. After filtering their website, they’ll show you a list of service providers that are near your place. It’s up to you to book one.

The best thing about using Helpbit is that it’s fast and easy. You also get a choice of the places and you can consider where to get help.

The platform is available as a mobile app so everyone – business or clients can easily use it anytime, anywhere.

What services can you expect?

Another great thing with Helpbit is that it has a long list of services that citizens will need. As we’ve mentioned above, there are moving companies, home cleaning services, and mobile repair in Dubai.

Here are some important facts you’ll need to know about these services and how you can find the perfect fit your needs.

What are moving companies?

What are moving companies?Moving companies are service providers that help people pack and move their belongings from one place to another. They have a team of handymen that they dispatch to your home. From there, they would be in charge of packing every belonging you have, move them safely to their own truck, and move all of it to your new space.

You don’t also have to worry about the boxes, tapes, and whatnots. Everything you’ll need in moving your stuff is taken care of – even the effort and the vehicle.
They basically do the job for you. All you really need to do is relax on the side and lead them afterwards to your new home. They’ll even help move your items from their truck to your place.

How much does hiring moving companies in Dubai cost?

Before finding and hiring a moving company, you’ll have to ask yourself if you have the budget to do so. Sure enough you’ve just found a new place and it’s likely you’ve just bought or paid a few months’ rent in advance. It’s likely you’re in a tight budget.
The cost can actually be different for each person. Movers have a way of calculating how much they would charge you. Here are the factors they consider:
• Distance – The rule is simple; the farther, the more expensive. If you take into account their time, effort, and the gas they’d be using, it’s just fair to expect a higher price range from them.
• Size/Volume – If your stuff takes more space during the relocation, your chances of being charged more is higher. That’s because the more space you take means they can cater to less clients at a time. Of course, their income would decrease so they usually compensate this with a more expensive charge.
• Services and packaging – While you can make do with simple boxes, certain items will need special packaging to avoid getting damaged during the move. The extra packaging and services they’ll have to do will determine whether the rate goes up or will maintain the minimum.
• Rush relocations – Some clients prefer to move as quickly as possible for their own reasons. That means that the company will have to send more people on site to help with uninstalling and disassembling certain units. Usually, this will cause you to pay more.
But generally, it is quite costly to hire movers. You’ll have to spend around 600 AED or more.

What are home cleaning services?

Helpbit also helps you find home cleaning services.
Cleaning services in Dubai are rather popular.
Since many household owners are always at work, cleaning the house is a chore often forgotten. Good thing there are cleaning companies in Dubai that helps homeowners. They can provide assistance for various cleaning tasks.
These companies will send handymen to handle thorough cleaning – from mopping floors to cleaning windows. They also do the harder tasks such as cleaning the gutter or even washing rugs.

How much does a cleaning service cost?

Just with moving services, every client can get a different price for what they need. Most of the time, they’ll have to ask for a quote to know how much it will cost.
You can expect an hourly rate of 200 AED or more. This can take from a couple of hours or more. Some companies will also allow a discount for their recurring clients.
If you have harder tasks and a bigger space, you might have to pay more. Not only are you paying for their labor, you’re also paying for the high-quality cleaning products that they use. Still, getting their help is really worth it if you are planning bigger events at your home or your office and you have no time for cleanups.

Electronics Repair in Dubai

Apart from moving services and cleaning services, you can easily find places that will help you with electronics repair.
You can have a variety of your electronic devices repaired – from mobile phones to laptops.
Here are some of the following damages to your mobile phones that can be fixed by finding the right technician:
• Broken screen
• Hanging touchscreen
• Not charging
• Not opening
• Water damage
• Speaker damage
• Mic problem
• Problems with signal
• Software problems
• Camera problems
• Back cover damage
• Battery problem

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