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Popular Types Of Flowers And Their Meanings - What Flowers Are Better To Give As A Gift
(1 February 2023)
We have selected the most popular flowers that can be presented as a gift and their meaning. All kinds of flowers can be found in Dubai without any problems.


Dubai's Most Popular Flower Varieties and Their Meanings

Bouquet of flowers is a great gift for anyone. Through such a gift can be expressed feelings of the giver, his emotions and attitude towards the one who will receive it. For every holiday you need to choose certain flowers. And in order to choose and buy flowers in Dubai you need to know the meaning of each species, as well as understand their features.

Types of flowers and their meanings

  1. Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is native to Peru, so it is often called the Peruvian lily or the Inca lily. In the time of ancient civilizations, it was believed that the sun god gave alstroemeria to humans. It was considered sacred. Nowadays, the flower symbolizes a true friendship, which no one and nothing can destroy.

2. Gerbera Daisy

Bouquet of gerbera daisies is very common all over the world, depending on the color it can have different meanings. Red gerberas symbolize passionate love, pink ones symbolize tenderness and admiration, and white ones symbolize purity and spirituality.

3. Orchid

The orchid is the embodiment of luxury, splendor and benevolence. In Chinese culture, the orchid is a household amulet. It is believed that the location of the flower in the house determines the well-being of the residents. When choosing the color of the bouquet, you should pay attention to light, gentle tones.

4. Tulip

A composition of tulips can serve as a great gift for anyone, but a lot depends on the choice of color. For example, white tulips are best for apologetics, lilac and purple can emphasize the nobility of the recipient.

5. Peony

The range of peony colors ranges from snow white to deep burgundy. Almost all of these colors have similar symbolism, but some have a different character. Dark red is firmly associated with the concept of honor and respect. It is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity in many cultures. White speaks of sincerity and tenderness.

6. Chrysanthemum

For different countries and cultures the chrysanthemum has slightly different meanings. For Asian countries, the chrysanthemum is a sign of power, dignity and honor. For Western countries, it is a symbol of friendship and strong relationships between people. Despite the different meanings, it would be nice for anyone to receive a bouquet of fresh chrysanthemums.

7. Rose

The rose is one of the most controversial symbols. Red buds represent fervent love and devotion, secret knowledge and wisdom. The motley bouquets can mean freedom, and also show interest to the one who receives this bouquet.

Types of Flowers

Hand-tied bouquets

Hand-tied bouquets are a great gift for a person who loves a certain kind of flowers, but it is worth considering that not all flowers are suitable for such a bouquet. A good choice would be:

  • Tulip

This is a very bright type of flower, so it looks great even without the addition of other flowers

  • Chrysanthemum

Is a great flower to make a hand-knotted bouquet, as it is quite unpretentious to environmental conditions species

  • Orchid

A very expressive flower that can be either part of a bouquet or an independent flower, so it is great for this type of bouquets

Cascade/waterfall bouquet

A cascade/waterfall bouquet looks very expressive and suitable for a special occasion. This is a rather complex arrangement in which preference should be given to nobel types of flowers, such as roses or peonies. You can also add climbing types of flowers, they will perfectly complement the already beautiful bouquet. A cascade/waterfall bouquet is perfect for weddings.

Composite bouquet

To assemble a good composite bouquet you need to adhere to the right color scheme and a single style. The main types of compound bouquets can include:

  • Standard round bouquets

Florist assemble bouquet so that when looking at the bouquet from above, the buds form a circle

  • Bouquets of unusual shapes

Flowers can be arranged asymmetrically and can form an image. Also used a vertical arrangement, and you can collect flowers in tiers

  • Compositions by type of plant

You can select mono bouquet (consisting of only one type of plant), the composition of two types, bouquets of three or more different types of flowers

Basket bouquets

A composition of fresh flowers in a basket would be a memorable gift for any holiday. This type of bouquet is different from others by the presence of a basket. It is very convenient, as flowers will be constantly in water and stay fresh for a longer period of time. Also among the pluses of such a bouquet can be attributed:

  • A bouquet in a basket is very convenient to carry

  • There is no need to look for a suitable vase for flowers

  • The shape of the bouquet can be anything


What is the flower of Dubai?

The flower of Dubai is Tribulus Omanense. This flower is also called the desert flower. It is an amazing plant that can survive in both hot and cold conditions. Tribulus Omanense also has many medicinal properties, which made it a leading contender for the role of the national flower of the emirate. The yellow flower was chosen by the UAE to symbolize the connection and unity of these seven emirates. Tribulus Omanense is often used as a gift to congratulate someone or to celebrate UAE National Day.

Which flowers can grow in Dubai?

Because of the very hot climate in Dubai not all flowers grow, but some species can still grow, these include:

  • Geraniums

This flower is heat-loving and unpretentious, so it can grow even in this hot climate.

  • Sunflower

Most varieties of this plant tolerate drought and heat well. Thus, it can withstand the climatic conditions of  Dubai. It also tolerates most types of soil well.

  • Zinnias

Zinnias grow best in bright sunlight and do not need frequent watering.

  • Daylilies

The flower blooms in yellow, pink and red colors. The plant tolerates heat and humidity well. Thus, it is an ideal flower to grow in Dubai.

What flower has the most beautiful meaning?

Each flower has its own unique meaning, but the most beautiful one is the rose. This flower, depending on the color, can have many meanings, each of which is magnificent in its own way. For example, white rose symbolizes purity, the red rose symbolizes love, the yellow rose symbolizes happiness, and the blue rose symbolizes mystery.

What is the most popular type of flower?

The most popular type of flowers are roses. This species has gained its popularity because of the great variety of shades and the convenience of composing compositions. Also, these flowers are available all year round, as they are grown in large quantities.

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