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Learn Arabic
Meeting People
Days of the Week
Months of the Year
Common Expressions
Yes  naam, aywa
No  la
Perhaps  yemken
Possibly  mumken
Impossible  mesh mumken 
Necessary  daruri 
Please  men fadlak (m.) men fadlik (f.) 
Thank you  shukran
Your Welcome Ahlan beka
Sorry/Excuse Me  assef 
Good Morning  sabah el-kheir
Good Evening  masa el-kheir
Good Night tesbah ala kheir
Welcome  Marhaba
Goodbye  salam (peace)
My Name Is  esmi
My Name is Ana esmi
What Is Your Name  esmak eh or Ma Esmok
How Are You  ez zayyak (masc) ez zayyek (fem) 
Nice to Meet You Saadot belkak
Today en-nahar da 
Tomorrow bukra 
Yesterday imbarih 
I Speak English ana batkallem englizi 
I Don't Speak Arabic ma-batkallamsh `arabi 
I Don't Understand ana mish fahem
Do You Speak English int betetkalem inglizi 
Can You Help Me mumken tsaa'dni 
Information istiilaamaat 
What Time Is It el-saa kam
I Love You Ana ohebak
Meeting People
Do you have children? Hal ladyek atfal?
Do you have a wife? Hal anta motazaweg?
Do you have a husband? Hal anty motazawega?
What is your address Ma enwanak?
What is your Phone Number Please? Momken an toateny raqam telefonak?
Where did you go to School? Ayn zahabt ela almadrasa?
How old are you? Kam Omrak?
Where do you work? Ayn Taamal?
Where does your family live? Ayn Taskon Aelatak?
Days of the Week
Monday el-etnein
Tuesday el-talat
Wednesday el-arbaa
Thursday el-khamees
Friday el-gumaa
Saturday el-sabt
Sunday el-had
Months of the Year
January yanayer
February febrayer
March mares
April abryl
May mayu
June yunya
July yulyo
August aghustus
September september
October octeber
November november
December december
Winter sheta
Fall kharif
Spring rabiea
Summer sseif
One wahed
Two etnein
Three talata
Four arbaa
Five khamsa
Six sitta
Seven sabaa
Eight tamania
Nine tesaa
Ten ashaara
Fifty khamsin
One Hundred mia
Five Hundred khams mia
One Thousand alf
White abiad
Black asuad
Red ahmar
Green akhdar
Blue azrak
Yellow asfar
Orange burtuqali
Pink wardi
Purple banafsegy
Gold dahab
Silver fadda
Iron hadid
Bronze bronz
Copper nehas
Terracotta fokhar
Silk harir
Cotton qotn
Synthetic synthetic/polyester
Wool souf
Glass ezaz
Imitation taqlead/taa-leed
Original assli
Paper waraq

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