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Dubai Metro FAQ's

How many metro lines are there?


There are two lines – Red line (10 out of 29 stations have opened on 09.09.09) and the Green line which will be operational in March 2010.

Which stations have opened on 09/09/09?


Only 10 stations on the Red Line have opened as of 09/09/09. Please refer to the Stations section for more information.

How can I embark a train?


Automatic platform doors synchronized with the Metro train doors will open when the train arrives at a station. To enter the platform to use the service, ticket-holders will have to swipe their tickets/Nol Cards at the electronic gate system.

What is the frequency of the trains?


Three minutes and 45 seconds is the wait between trains during peak hours at any of the Red line’s stations 29 stations. The maximum waiting time during off peak times is 7 minutes 30 seconds.

Where can I know the routes?


You can check the route map of the trains and connecting feeder buses from Information billboards are also kept at every station.

How do I know which is the Gold class/Ladies compartment etc?


There are sign boards along the platform mentioning the Gold Class, Ladies compartment etc. All the cars are however connected for people to change compartments after boarding the train

Are there any special entry/exit points for the handicapped?


The Metro and the stations are handicapped friendly with elevators at all levels and wide doors for wheelchairs to board.

Should I buy tickets before hand or can use cash to make a journey?


Tickets have to be bought at the station and swiped at the electronic gate system to enter and embark a train. Cash cannot to be used for the metro journey.

I am child below 5 years. Do I need a ticket?


No you can ride the metro for free.

Are there separate cabins for women?


Yes, there’s a dedicated cabin for women and children only. There will also be a security guard stationed inside to ensure that only women and children travel in this cabin.

I have heard there are four different types of cards. I am confused.

  1. Silver Nol Card – An Anonymous card with an e-purse that can be loaded with up to AED 500. Price: AED 20 (includes AED 14 e-purse value). With the silver card, you can sit anywhere in the train except the Gold Cabin. Useful for a light traveler.

  2. Gold Nol Card – An Anonymous card with an e-purse that can be loaded with up to AED 500. Price: AED 20 (includes AED 14 e-purse value). The added advantage with the gold card is - you can sit in the Gold Cabin of the train. Useful for someone looking for VIP cabin facilities.

  3. Red Nol Card – A paper-based ticket that cannot act as e-purse but can be loaded with 10 trips. Useful for infrequent users.

  4. Blue Nol Card – A personal card with a secure e-purse that can be loaded with up to AED 500. Price: AED 70 (includes AED 20 e-purse value). The advantage is that the card is secure and cannot be mis-used. Useful for a daily traveler who recharges regularly so that the card is not misplaced and misused.

For how long are the cards valid?


Gold, Silver and Blue cards are valid for 5 years. The Nol Red card is valid only for 10 trips or 90 days whichever is first.

Where can I buy and top-up my Nol card?

You can buy and top up your Nol Card at ticket offices, some ticket vending machine, RTA authorized sales agents.

  1. Ticket Offices are available in all Metro stations and all Bus stations.
  2. Ticket vending machines are available in all Metro and Bus stations and some Bus stops, as well as other popular places such as shopping malls and airports.
  3. RTA authorizes sales agents – Selected Spinneys outlets, Emirates NBD bank branches. (More outlets to be announced)
Can I top-up using credit/debit card?
  Yes, you can use a debit/credit card to recharge your Nol card.
I do not want to buy the Nol card right away. Any other option?
  Yes, the Nol Red card is actually a ticket in which you can put the exact fare you would want to travel. It is valid for 90 days or ten trips whichever is first.

How does the Nol Card/Ticket work?


The Nol card is a contactless card which you have to show to a Nol card reader which auto calculates the fare and deducts from your card. The Nol card readers are attached to the automatic gates that open only if you have a valid card and fare in the card.

How do I know if I balance in my card?


When you show the card to the Nol card reader, it displays the remaining amount on the screen.

Are there any monthly/festive discounts on the Nol cards?


In future RTA will introduce 50% discount for students as well as 30 days discounted passes. On special occasions, RTA will announce fare free days.

Is it true that Nol cards can be used for any mode of transport?


Yes, except for the Red Nol card, the rest three can be used on the metro, buses, water buses and paid parking zones. Red Nol card can be used only on one mode of transport at a time.

I am a sales guy with lots to travel in the city on a per day basis. Can I get a benefit?


Yes, with the Nol silver card, blue card and gold card you will be charged a maximum of AED 14 only per day regardless of your travel. This is called the daily maximum cap.

What if I lose my card?


If it is Silver, Gold or a Red card – simply put, you’ve lost the money in it.
However, if you lost a Blue card, you enjoy a secure e-purse. You need to report your lost card to RTA customer service hotline 800 90 90 and your card will be blocked within 48 hours. You can visit any ticket office to seek a refund of your lost card or request a replacement card.
It takes 48 hours to block a card – any e-purse usage made within that time is not refunded.

Are there any special facilities for disabled people?

  Yes, for the visually impaired: a tactile guide path; Braille on TVMs; lifts and passenger equipments are provided. For the mobility impaired: Lifts and ramps are provided and Wheelchair spaces are provided in every compartment

Can I park my car and take the train?


Yes, you can park your car at Al Rashidiya, Nakheel Harbour & Tower and Jebel Ali stations. Other stations do not have parking facilities.

What are the parking charges?


For a metro commuter, parking at the above stations is free. For a non-commuter the charges are AED50/hour.

The nearest station for me is 950m away from my office. I cannot walk in the hot sun. What do I do?


There are feeder buses from many metro stations to nearby areas. You can use them if there’s one in your route.

Do I have to pay again for the bus?


If you have paid for the train ticket and are boarding a bus within 30 mins of disembarking at your station, the feeder bus ride is for free.

Can I eat or drink in the train?


Eating/drinking inside the train is prohibited.

What if I am hungry at some station?


Many regular food outlets selling burgers/sandwiches and food-on-the-move are expected to dot the metro stations very soon.

Can I access internet inside the train?


Mobile and wireless internet services will be available on all cars during the journey.

My flat is right next to the Metro line. Will it disturb me?


The trains are designed in such a way that they are soundless and smooth

Are there medical facilities on board?


RTA has a trained emergency crew who will give first-aid incase of any medical emergency

What if there is an emergency during train transit?


In case of a real medical emergency, please push the emergency button in the train. The train will automatically stop at the next station. However pressing the button without an actual emergency results in Dhs2000 fine.

What is the speed of the trains?

  The speed of the trains in automatic mode can run from 45 to 90 kph depending on the track section.
Red Line: Average speed 42 km per hour.
Green Line: Average speed 32 km per hour.

Are there any special facilities inside the train?

  The elderly, injured, special needs people and pregnant women will have the choice of priority seating. The compartments will be equipped with audio visual devices, passenger information display and public address in Arabic & English. Clear signage will
show the route map of the metro and other directions for passengers. Closed circuit television in all trains will ensure a safe journey. There is also wireless internet coverage inside train. Also, RTA personnel will be on-board always to ensure a smooth travel to passengers.

How are the peak hours classified?

  06:30 - 08:30am, 12:30 - 14:00pm and 17:30 - 21:00 hrs

How can i make a complaint/suggestion to RTA?

  Call RTA on 800-90-90 or visit and register your complaint/suggestion. Response can be expected in 14 working days.

Is there any lost-property system? If i lose or forget anything on the train, how can i get it back?

  Immediately speak to a Dubai Metro employee at the station giving them the journey details. Also check with RTA customer service at 800-90-90.

Where is the RTA customer contact center located?

  The Centre is located on Marrakech road next to RTA main office in Umm Al Ramool of Rashidiya area. It is open from 0730am until 1430pm.

What are the total number of staff employed with RTA for the metro?

  2200 staff have been recruited for Red Line and it will go up to 3000 staff once the Green Line opens

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