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iWorld by Sharad Agarwal

The Case for Self Serve Display Advertising: Low cost – HIGH IMPACT

Definition: Advertising that can be purchased and implemented online ‘on the fly’

Self serve display ads are the ‘killer app’ of Web advertising. Self serve advertising is often associated with text advertising and micro advertising campaigns. These terms are not synonymous, but they do share two common goals; efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

By eliminating the expense of an advertising salesperson, the self serve model allows publishers to offer smaller minimum ad buys that would otherwise be impractical or profitable. Self serve programs make advertising easier for the many small businesses that do not have compelling graphical ads, preventing delays in the do-it-yourself campaign signup.

Google is accredited with launching the first commercially viable platform for self-serve advertising through its now popular Google Adwords program. While it may be possible for almost anyone to write a two line text ad, a single high quality rich media ad can cost thousands of dollars to design and build, the process can often take weeks and there is no assurance that it will perform well.

Developing and executing a successful display media plan has always required a level of knowledge and experience that most marketers don’t have time to develop, not to mention that many publishers and networks set campaign budget minimums that start at $10,000 per month. Finally, the information required to monitor results, optimise campaigns and develop test new concepts is often not available to marketers or is in several different applications and formats. This makes it difficult and time consuming to make good decisions on how to maximize return on investment from marketing dollars. has found a solution to this issue with the launch of its proprietary software that helps create Flash banners in a jiffy. The real time ad customization tool and intuitive web-based interface uses XML technology to create more engaging ads. The various steps involved in the DIY portal are:
  1. Create an account
  2. Select the advertising package
  3. Design the banner
  4. Pay online
  5. Publish the campaign
Performance monitoring software helps the advertiser monitor the efficiency of the campaign with real time statistics. serves as the link between publishers who want to sell ad space on their websites and advertisers who want to buy ads on those sites. Access to a large number of global portals helps you reach new customers in new markets within a few minutes, all for just US$ 99/month.

Less than the cost of designing a banner!

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