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iWorld by Sharad Agarwal

Five Cost–Effective Tools for e–Marketing

The economy is most likely forcing you to make harder and smarter decisions about allocating budgets

It is a truth universally acknowledged that e-marketing is more effective than traditional advertising. And for good reasons:

  1. It is cost effective

  2. It is targeted ("fish where the fish are")

  3. The results are measureable

  4. It works 24/7

The basics of marketing remain the same - creating a strategy to deliver the right messages to the right people. What has changed is the number of options you have. With the growth of technology and the internet, it has become imperative for businesses to use e-marketing strategies to supplement their traditional marketing methods so as to generate more product sales and to reach a wider market.

Try these online tools and see how your business starts getting new leads from new markets, almost instantaneously!
  1. – You can design your own creative, choose your target audience and run your banner campaign for just USD 99 per month. Helps in building a brand online and generating new prospects for business.

  2. – You can run targeted and personalized email and SMS campaigns to ‘Opt-in’ subscribers in 16 Middle East countries. Generates qualified leads within minutes and helps promote special offers and services.

  3. – You can have your press release published in leading online, print and radio-TV outlets. The online media monitoring report provides tracking URL’s for your press release within 24 hours. For USD 350 you can reach over 550 publications in 14 Middle East countries.

  4. – You can get Sponsored links that drive traffic to your web site for just USD 100 per month. You can also run banner advertising campaigns to jump start traffic to your web site.

  5. Google Adwords – If you have a reasonable e-marketing budget, you can generate new prospects daily from the Google Adwords program. Have a professional organisation manage the campaign for you to achieve a high ROI.

Make sure that your marketing strategy takes advantage of multiple media, resources and customer touch points to create a whole that's greater and more effective than the sum of its parts. You will know what works, what doesn't and where your clients are coming from. That way you can do more of what works, stop doing the things that don’t and constantly improve your efforts.

Many businesses are producing great results with e-marketing and its fast, flexible and cost effective nature makes it particularly suitable for small and medium sized businesses.

You are likely to get substantial results from the above tools if you have optimized your web site. It is recommended that you have your site fine tuned for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), ensure that the site content is search engine friendly and finally, that your site is quick to download and easy to navigate.

Always remember, on the web, competition is only a click away!

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