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History & Heritage

Dubai MuseumA trip to the Dubai museum will give you a glimpse into Dubai's fascinating past. You can also visit Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum's house to view a collection of old photographs. The heritage and diving village at Dubai is a must see for all traditional arts and crafts lovers.

A one-and-a-half hour drive along east Dubai's road leads to Hatta. This pleasantly green valley is a small enclave in the dramatic, arid Hajar Mountains and is completely surrounded by land belonging to Oman, Ajman and Ras al-Khaimah. Here, the charming Hatta Fort Hotel with its beautiful gardens give a warm welcome to visitors.
Nearer to Dubai, and only about 20 kilometers inland, are the twin oases of Khawanij and Awir. These oases can be reached in 25 minutes from the town center. They have been extensively developed over the past 20 years and boast fine country houses with superb gardens for some of Dubai's leading families.

Tip : To view a list of tour operators in Dubai Click here

Arabic DhowsBoat racing has cultural and historical significance in Dubai with its roots in dhow (traditional wooden trading vessels) racing, which still takes place today, especially on government holidays such as the UAE National Day on December 2. It is considered as one of the most spectacular and graceful of sports, the traditional dhow sailing witnesses more than 80 traditional boats take to the clear blue waters surrounding the DIMC in precisely the same manner as it was done in the ancient past. Adhering to age-old tradition, the hulls are varnished teak wood with billowing white sails made from canvas. The three different racing categories here include 60ft, 43ft and 22ft.

Participate in the Dhow racing which takes place throughout the winter months and well into the summer. Racing usually takes place off the coast of Mina Seyahi from 2 pm on a Thursday or Friday.

For a glimpse of Dubai's fishing-village roots, wander the Jaddaf district and watch local craftsman hand-carving dhows.


BastakiyaAl Bastakia Area in Bur Dubai dates back to the early 1900s, and occupies the eastern section of the old town along the Creek, extending to a length of 300 meters, and depth of 200 meters in the southern direction. This area represents an important area in the history of architecture, and the urban development of town. The masons, who constructed the building, have left a permanent mark on the town's heritage.

To the east of Al Fahidi Fort is the largest concentration of traditional courtyard houses within wind towers. In the past, the city was famous for a mass of wind towers which lined the creek on either side. These were not merely decorative but served as the only means of cooling houses in pre-electricity days.

Jumairah Mosque

Jumeirah MosqueOne of the largest and most beautiful mosques is the Jumairah Mosque. It is a spectacular example of modern Islamic architecture and is built of stone in medieval Fatimid tradition, the mosque is a city landmark in Dubai. It is particularly attractive at night when subtle lighting throws it artistry into relief.

You can book an organized tour that is held every Thursday and Sunday.

Tip : Please call 344 7755 for more information.

Gold souk'Souk' is the Arabic word for market or place where any kind of goods are brought or exchanged. Traditionally, dhows from the Far East, China, Ceylon and India would discharge their cargos and the goods would be bargained over in the souks adjacent to the docks.

You can find the wonders of aromatic spices and the beauty of hand-crafted gold through the labyrinth of narrow winding alleys on the Deira side of the creek. In the spice souk you will find perfumes, incense, and delicious foods piled in sacks awaiting your attention. Walk a bit further toward the gold souk and you will be dazzled by the glittering displays in each shop window. Choose from gold necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and you can even design your very own jewelry.

At the Perfume Souk you will literally find thousands of aromas, and if you can't find the one that you want, shopkeepers would be able to conjure up a unique concoction that suits your tastes exactly.

You will find the antique market near the souks where you can buy coffee pots, Arabian chests, daggers, Bedu jewelry and carvings at excellent prices. If interested in buying textiles or silk, head for Cosmos Lane in Bur Dubai or the streets of Satwa, where numerous shops sell a vast array of colorful fabrics.

Tip : There is a guided jewellery tour at the Gold and diamond park for 30 minutes. The tour is for free and you can call 04 3477788 for more details.

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