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7 Vital Considerations to Ensure a Fabulous Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings appeal to couples seeking to step away from more conventional settings. The main advantage that comes with holding a wedding outdoors is being able to enjoy some breathtakingly stunning scenery. It truly is hard to compete with the beauty of nature. No matter how much you spend on replicating the charm of a garden inside a hotel ballroom, it simply will not feel like an actual garden.

Another lovely advantage of choosing an outdoor venue for a wedding is having plenty of open space. You may be able to invite more people with this option. Plus, with a large open space, you can entertain countless possibilities in terms of design, decor and activities during the reception.

Of course, it is worth noting that outdoor weddings deal with some challenges as well, such as unpredictable weather, accessibility, and other factors that could compromise everyone’s physical comfort.

So as you are putting together all your ideas for a thoroughly organized outdoor wedding, make sure to sit down with your trusted wedding planner to discuss all the important factors that could affect the smooth flow of the event. To help you with this, here are seven of the most important considerations when planning an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception.
1. The unpredictable weather
Everybody knows that weather forecasts are not 100 percent accurate. So take the time to discuss a backup plan with your wedding planner in the event that the weather turns sour in time for the ceremony or reception. 
Likewise, get ready with weather protectors such as hats, umbrellas, fans, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

2. Restroom/powder room accessibility
If you are choosing a unique outdoor wedding venue that is quite a long way from the next signs of civilization, then you need to create a proper restroom set-up. 
For sure, you and your guests will have to touch up your makeup, check on your attire, and take care of hygiene needs a few times throughout the event. So it is imperative that there are enough toilets for all guests as well as sinks and mirrors that will allow them to freshen up. 

Now, if you will be having your wedding at a hotel garden or the beach, there will already be comfort facilities for your guests. What you need to do though is to provide everybody clear instructions on how to get to the restrooms. This way, they will be able to easily locate them.
3. Walking comfort
Will your guests be walking on grass or sand? Consider their comfort and safety by providing them with alternative footwear such as flip flops.

Another option is to provide the women who will be wearing high heels with heel protectors that will not only protect their fancy shoes, but also keep them from sinking into the ground when walking on grass.

There are also temporary flooring products that can be used to create comfortable walking surfaces during outdoor events.

4. Uninvited (bug) guests
Being outdoors means being exposed to mosquitoes and other insects that like to buzz around and bite. This is often a problem when the sun is setting and the temperature is dropping, which is when the creepy crawlers and fliers emerge.
Think about how to keep these uninvited guests at bay and prevent them from pestering your guests. Perhaps, install fans around the seating areas, or light up citronella and eucalyptus candles. Consider providing insect-repellent patches and sprays to your guests as well.
5. Keeping hairstyles neat and pretty despite the wind and humidity 
This is another crucial variable to think about in preparation for events where people get all dressed up. If you are leaning toward a flowy hairstyle, you may have to rethink this option if it’s going to be quite windy or humid on your wedding day. The wind will blow your hair out of place and ruin your overall look. Meanwhile, humidity can make even the stiffest coif fall flat.

There are several solutions you can take to make sure your crown looks gorgeous throughout the big event. Consider rearranging the setup for the ceremony and reception to create a protective “cover” for the newlyweds, or installing a dehumidifier near you and choosing a hairstyle for the day that is easier to keep in place.
6. Power and water supply
These are crucial provisions if you are opting for a remote and unique outdoor venue. There may not be a power source there or even an easy-access source of clean water. Providing the place with generators for electricity and supplying clean bottled water for everyone (to drink, and perhaps even to wash their hands with) is one way to address the problem. 

Of course, these additions could add to the cost of the wedding, while power and water would be readily available in less remote event locations, so think about this matter carefully. 
7. Appropriate food choices for the setting and location
Finally, the subject of what food and beverages to serve in an outdoor wedding can be tricky. Should you offer the usual fancy spread, or would it be better to prepare a selection of food that everybody can eat comfortably regardless of whether they are standing up or sitting down? 

Also, think about whether certain dishes will be able to withstand the weather. Anything with mayonnaise, milk, and cheese are definite no-nos during the warm months as they can easily go bad. Meanwhile, the cool seasons can turn perfectly cooked meats into unappetizing entrees. Also, there is the matter of protecting food from insects eager to partake of the feast.
These are seven of the most important considerations for an outdoor wedding. The key is to make sure that you have everything covered so that backup plans can be made for any related issues that could come up. Weighing the pros and cons of having an outdoor event will make it easier for you to identify the best solutions to incorporate into your plans, as well as accept the limitations that you simply cannot do anything about.
Masha Cain is a founder and a managing director of Fabulous Day Weddings & Events. Masha's idea of having a wedding planning agency came from having a wedding planner at her own wedding. Now, 5 years later, there are over 100 successful weddings designed and planned by Masha and her team.


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