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How to travel and get paid for it

Today we are going to explain how to blog about your travels and how you can get the most out of your trips. First of all, you need to be familiar with the social media networking site called Instagram.

When you’re at the top, you will receive offers from hotels, travel agencies, restaurants and other businesses that will want to collaborate with you. But getting into the top is not easy. There are different theories about how the algorithms for its formation work (and Instagram does not disclose official information about this). The most popular and credible - only the reactions that the photo receives in the recommendations affect the way to the top. That is, it doesn’t matter how much attention the post has received on your page. Instagram shows just a small sample of people in the "Recommendations", and if they are interested, then it will show the rest.

The top includes photos that are very attractive and make you want to see the whole photo. Therefore, here often appear photos of the type "Before / After", pictures with red arrows.

Instagram paid promotion
With a budget for promotion, things will go faster and becoming a famous blogger is easier. But if spending large sums is not included in your plans, spend the money wisely: study the possible promotion channels, and after advertising, evaluate their effectiveness.

1. Buy real Instagram followers
These are followers that will engage with your content and will be genuinely interested in your account. These are the only kind of followers you should buy because they will bring you traffic. You can find these real followers here: When they like your posts or comment on them, your post will rank higher and will shown in the top section with which you can reach a new audience or higher up in the home section of your followers.

2. Accommodation with other bloggers
On the recommendation of opinion leaders, more loyal people will come to you than from targeted advertising. Bloggers post links to other accounts in stories or the main account. Mentions in stories look more beautiful and cheaper.

Pick pages with a similar audience and find out the prices from the owners. Discuss the details: how they will introduce you, how long the ad will stay posted...

Record the number of followers before advertising and one day after. The difference between these numbers is the approximate number of people who came from advertising. If you know how many people on average start following you per day (this is an organic gain for which you are not doing anything), subtract this number.
Divide the cost of advertising by the number of visitors - you will find out the price of one follower.

With these details, you can compare the effectiveness of advertising with different bloggers. At first, it is better not to take several ads at the same time to objectively evaluate each method.

3. Targeted advertising
Another option for paid promotion is official Instagram advertising. You pay to ensure that your posts appear in the feed not only to your followers but also to a new audience.

By the way, your followers can also see ads. Do not be surprised at the questions of friends about why you are advertising yourself - and you probably will come across such questions.

Stories in which you wake up famous are rare. Therefore, to assess whether your actions bring results, you will have to use analytics on Instagram, which will show advanced data on account statistics.

What indicators need to be tracked

Surely you are aiming for a certain number of followers. At first glance, this indicator objectively speaks of the popularity of your page.

But with the introduction of the algorithmic feed, everything became more difficult: if the audience does not see your publications, there is no point.

Therefore, coverage becomes important: the actual number of users seeing the post.

Engagement is the criteria for the success of the content. This includes likes and comments. Keep track of growth and engagement rate. There are two ways to calculate it (and they are both very simple!):

Engagement relative to followers = average number of interactions on posts/number of followers * 100%.

Engagement regarding coverage = number of interactions per post/coverage of this post * 100%.

Where to see statistics
Instagram gives detailed account statistics. To see it, turn on the business profile (Settings - Go to business profile). You will get access to page statistics and statistics for each post.

How much do bloggers earn
The section for those who were reading this article was waiting for information when it would be possible to quit everything and leave to travel at the expense of hotels, tour operators or clothing brands.

Beginners are more likely to receive offers on trade. Or even look for such offers themselves. In exchange for a post or story, they get a thing. Accommodation conditions are discussed in advance: what will happen in the post (it is better to prepare the text and photo yourself, only by approving the content), which account will be tagged… Sometimes advertisers agree to an honest opinion and do not moderate publications at all.

How much does a blogger get for an Instagram post?
The price is very different – from 1 dollar to millions, in the accounts of stars. The price is affected by the popularity of the account and its theme - the less often the account posts ads and the more valuable the audience (for example, car enthusiasts), the more expensive it is to publish.

You can find out the prices of other bloggers by a trick: write a DM on behalf of the advertiser.

When will the first advertisers appear?
It’s difficult to accurately predict: either brand managers or employees of advertising agencies will notice you. Register on pages to get your first orders from there.

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