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What Type Of Leather Is Best For A Leather Bag?

What Type Of Leather Is Best For A Leather Bag?

Trying on so many styles to choose from is part of what makes fashion such a fun concept. With different clothes and accessories at your disposal, it's safe to say that only your imagination and creativity will limit you from reaching fashion's fullest extent. Even including a bag to your usual look can bring it to the next level.

However, choosing a bag isn't as simple as you'd expect. After all, countless styles of bags are out there, waiting for you to try them out. But for those interested in adding bags to their wardrobes, it's impossible for you not to have a leather bag. Whether you're bringing it with you on a trip or for a simple stroll, leather bags are versatile enough to belong anywhere.

Leather bags' versatility comes from different factors. One of them is the type of leather being used. Those unfamiliar don't realize there are various leather types to choose from. Given how many they are, it might be overwhelming to determine which one's best for a leather bag. Here are some of your options:

1. Weekender Bags

The Weekender from Von Baer is a wonderful travel bag. Considering the amount of stress it'll go through during the trip, the bag's material must be tough enough to withstand anything. However, it doesn't hurt to have style added in for those who can't go anywhere without looking like an icon. If that's the case, full-grain leather is the right type for you.

Grain leather indicates the outer layer of the hide. Out of all the grain leather types, full-grain is considered the best. Because it's the outermost layer, it consists of fibers that are so densely packed that they prevent any lasting damage, which extends their lifespan greatly while enabling them to handle heavy loads.

On top of that, it develops a thin layer of patina through oxidization. Thanks to that layer, you can travel anywhere with its vintage charm and extra protection. However, being the outermost layer of the hide means it collected some markings while the animal was still alive. But after learning a few tips from and other leatherwork experts, you'll learn to maintain them for better preservation.

2. Backpack

Whether hiking through mountains or going on a shopping trip with your friends, backpacks can be worn for any occasion. And considering full-grain leather's classic rugged aesthetic, you can go anywhere in style. On top of that, full-grain leather's durability even includes resisting water or moisture.

But considering its prolonged usage, wearing a full-grain leather backpack eventually becomes uncomfortable because of its toughness. For those looking for an alternative, consider cowhide leather.

What makes cowhide leather one of the most common leather types in the industry is how versatile its styles are. Because depending on the tanning method used, they can change aesthetics on the same type of leather. Although, applying vegetable tanning is highly recommended.

Since cowhide is purely natural, vegetable tanning takes it one step further when it uses natural tannins from fruits and roots. Moreover, cowhide is known for its durability right beside full-grain leather. Hence, those unfamiliar with leather often confuse the two. However, despite its toughness, its softness makes cowhide stand out more.

3. Handbag

Unlike full-grain leather, goat leather is much softer, even more than cowhide. However, it still possesses a significant deal of durability. After all, goats have trekked across different landscapes throughout their lives. Hence, it's safe to say they've experienced their fair share of wear and tear.

Still, despite how much stress it can handle, goatskin is more suitable for light use. Those fond of handbags would love goatskin leather bags, especially those who love antique aesthetics. Avoid loading it with anything heavy. Otherwise, it might stretch even further as it ages. On top of that, it requires delicate maintenance to help prolong the leather's longevity.

4. Duffle Bag

Duffle and travel bags may share the same purpose of carrying great loads. However, unlike travel bags, duffle bags often undergo rough treatment. After all, they're designed solely for practicality. In contrast, travel bags still partly cater to the style.

Camels belong to an exotic category that brings things to an entirely new level. Because while cowhide and goatskin still need specific treatments to make them stand out more, camel leather only relies on the camel's living conditions. And knowing the harsh environment camels live in, it's safe to say that durability is camel leather's second name.

Aside from that, camel leather develops its own protective patina layer as it ages, making it similar to full-grain leather to an extent. Some even obtain a pebble-like texture that features a gorgeous shade of honey that those fond of warm color schemes would adore. On top of that, unique patterns are likely to appear when stored naturally.

Which Is Best?

All types of leather possess unique attributes that make each of them stand out from one another. But given they all possess beautiful features, looking for a leather bag based on leather type alone might be challenging. However, consider checking out cowhide for those looking to have the best of both worlds in their leather bag. Because aside from its durability, cowhide leather is supple enough for wearers to use it everywhere comfortably while practicing green living. 

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