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Colour me good, with therapy.... - By Rebecca Wicks

At the moment, I smell like purple. Don’t laugh,. purple has a smell. It smells like a spa I went to the other day, called Spa Dunya (JBR, Shams 1), which prides itself on helping people like me discover the benefits of colours, combined with the virtues of essential oils. And no, they don’t hug trees in their spare time.

Purple is actually a very nice scent. It’s good for my feet, adrenal glands, jaw and teeth. (Apparently). I sprayed it on my neck and so far it’s only made my scarf smell rather nice. My feet and carves still hurt from my dabbles with the gym two days ago but still, I’m giving it time to work its magic. I’ve only been wearing it for an hour.

When I arrived for my colour consultation, I was led into a small room, offered a pot of honey in which to dip my finger, and instructed to choose four colours from a spread. I don’t know what the honey was for and I didn’t dare to ask. Nor did I say that the colour cards looked as though they’d been sponsored by Dulux paint. Everything has its purpose.

The in-house colour expert continued to dissect my personality, based on the colours I’d chosen. Red was my first colour, meaning I have an appetite for life, flair and passion. I wasn’t going to argue with that. Turquoise was my second. Apparently, this is the colour my body craves in order to balance out the red, as it stands for relaxation and consequential creative expression. Yellow was next, meaning I desire total freedom and tend to walk away from emotional difficulties (weird but true!) and last was purple, which assists change in direction and puts you back in touch with your dreams.

To be honest I was pretty spooked by this bang-on description of myself. I was wondering whether perhaps she had some sort of psychic ability and was about to start channeling dead relatives through a coloured scented candle, when it emerged that the strangest part was still to come. Heading out of the room and into a specially decked out dance studio, it was time to perform my colour dance. And as I was enjoying this whole experience with my friend G who had also picked the colour yellow, our guide Wafa picked out the “yellow music” CD, ensuring us that it would help to free our spirits and bring us total happiness.

Sure enough, I felt pretty happy as I closed my eyes and threw my arms about in “healing movements from my own heart”, envisioning freedom from my workload, and happiness from impending travels and romance. G enjoyed her own little sequence of enlightenment, staring me down, telling me with her eyes that she was stronger than me, and squishing my silent protest into the floor with her foot.

It takes a bit of imagination and “belief” to feel the benefits from your colour dance, but Wafa tells us she’s seen great results, especially from mothers and daughters who, suffering difficult relationships, learn to open up and express themselves through the music of their subliminally chosen colours. Pink is the colour for such bonding, allegedly. Had we chosen white we would have spent an hour lying on the floor in a meditational pose. Red would have seen us doing salsa. And if we continue with the dancing over a course of colourful sessions, we could truly change the paths of our lives.

Spa Dunya offers a whole range of treatments based around colour therapy, including massages, body infusions, a feet treat and even a Sound Shower, which involves the healing vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls (for deep relaxation, of course).

I’m not sure I’ll be returning for any more, although I rather like the smell of purple on my scarf today. Not sure why. I guess colour therapy and its bizarre rituals will have to remain a beautiful spectrum of mystery.

Posted: 13 July 2009

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